Cafés transatlánticos

Cafés transatlánticos is a new series of virtual talks between Spanish and U.S. creators, artists and different agents working in the cultural sector.

Cafés transatlánticos are a meeting point to share values, ideas and visions from both sides of the Atlantic about our experiences and hopes in the art and culture sectors. Join our table for a café!

A conversation between Meritxell Colell and Jennifer Reeder

Meritxell Colell & Jennifer Reeder


In this conversation moderated by Mimi Plauché (artistic director of the Chicago International Film Festival – CIFF), Spanish filmmaker Meritxell Colell (co-director of CIFF’s selection Transoceánicas) and American filmmaker Jennifer Reeder (director of Knives and Skin) discuss their approaches to filmmaking, experiences, and processes. Video courtesy of CIFF.

The Library of Congress meets the National Library of Spain

Suzanne Schadl & José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo


In this second edition of Cafés Transatlánticos, our coffee talks series to celebrate the cultural bridges that connect our two countries, Suzanne Schadl, Chief of the Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress, and Juan Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo, Deputy Director of the National Library of Spain, address common challenges faced by both institutions as well as possibilities for cooperation.

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