Café Transatlántico: The Library of Congress & The National Library of Spain

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  • Tue, December 15, 2020
  • 11:00 am (EST)
Café Transatlántico: The Library of Congress & The National Library of Spain

The Library of Congress meets the National Library of Spain in this second edition of “Cafés Transatlánticos,” our coffee talks series to celebrate the cultural bridges that connect our two countries.

Suzanne Schadl, Chief of the Hispanic Division at the Library of Congress, and Juan Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo, deputy-director of the National Library of Spain, address common challenges faced by both institutions as well as possibilities for cooperation in this bilingüal edition of the Cafés Transatlánticos series.

About Suzanne Schadl

Suzanne Schadl manages the Hispanic Division and serves the leadership team in General and Internal Collections at the Library of Congress. The Hispanic Division applies language, metadata, and coordinated subject expertise to building collections and fostering learning with resources from and about the Caribbean, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and heritage populations outside of these regions.

In management, as in curating collections and teaching, Dr. Schadl works to facilitate openings in librarianship and education. Her collaborative publications include a number of journal articles and two books, Scholarship in the Sandbox: Academic Libraries as Laboratories, Forums and Archives for Student Work (2018) and Getting Up for the People: The Visual Revolution of ASAR-Oaxaca (2014). Schadl credits the Handbook of Latin American Studies, edited in the Hispanic Division, with her understanding of the connections between academic research and librarianship. She also finds added inspiration in opportunities that weave together print, digital, audio, visual and tactile resources.

About José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo

After graduating in Hispanic Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2004, José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo has been involved in the National Library of Spain since 2006, where he currently holds the position of deputy director. Bueren Gómez-Acebo has participated in the main projects developed by the National Library in recent years: the digitization of its collections, the preservation of the web and digital content, the development of the semantic catalog and, more recently, the BNELab project, which promotes the reuse of content and brings together initiatives such as BNEscolar, dedicated to the educational community, or ComunidadBNE, a citizen participation project.

He has also collaborated in national and international working groups, as well as in different projects aimed to promote research and the development of standards related to integrated library management systems, the digitization of heritage collections and, in general, innovation projects in libraries.

Please note that the main conversation will be held in English, but some sections might only be in Spanish. The recorded conversation with subtitles has been posted in the Cafés Transatlánticos digital project.



Presented by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C. in collaboration with the Library of Congress and the National Library of Spain



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