Competitions and Grants


Queen Sofía Prize for Ibero-American Poetry
The award is given to a living author for the literary value and contribution of his or her poetical works to the common cultural patrimony of Ibero-America and Spain.
XIX Edición de los Premios de Cuentos Ilustrados
Since 1997, the Provincial Council of Badajoz has organized a contest entitled Premio de Cuentos Ilustrados, which includes two categories: child and adult. The main objective of the contest is to encourage children to read, and to maintain and regain adult readers.
Leonor Award for Poetry and the Gerardo Diego Award for Poetry
Poetry awards sponsored by the Provincial Council of Soria.
Autonomous City of Ceuta's Premio Convivencia
Since 1998, the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Spain, has awarded the Premio Convivencia —endowed with a sculpture by Elena Álvarez Laverón and with an prize of fifty thousand euros— to a “person or an institution in any country, whose work has contributed in a relevant and exemplary way towards improving human relations, fostering the values of justice, fraternity, peace, freedom, access to culture and equality between men.”
Valencia International Piano Competition - Premio Iturbi
From September 16-27, 2013, the Provincial Government of Valencia (Diputación Provincial de Valencia) will organize the Valencia International Piano Competition to honor the memory and perpetuate the name and work of the illustrious Valencian musician José Iturbi.
Loewe Foundation International Poetry Award
First held in November 1987, the International Poetry Award aims to enhance the quality of poetry in the Spanish language. Every year this award is given to an unpublished piece of at least 300 verses. There is also a discretionary Young Poets Award for a poet under the age of thirty should the International Poetry Award be given to an older author.
Focus-Abengoa Painting Prize
The subject of the paintings vying for this prize is open, and any painting technique may be used. Each painter may submit a single work, which must be original and painted during the year.
International Music Competition Maria Canals of Barcelona
The International Music Competition Maria Canals of Barcelona was founded in 1954 by the pianist Maria Canals and her husband, the writer Rossend Llates. Her Majesty the Queen Sofia of Spain is President of Honour. Held at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, it is endorsed by the World Federation of Music Competitions for the organization of the branches of piano, violin, singing, cello, chamber music, guitar, percussion and flute. Since 1954, the Competition has held over 110 branches, with over 7000 participants from 100 countries and 180 jury members from all over the world.