About us

SPAIN arts & culture features the most cutting-edge works of international renowned Spanish artists in fields such as design, urban culture, architecture, visual arts, film, performing arts, literature and music. A series of exhibitions, conferences, showcases, and performances take place every year at the most prestigious American cultural institutions bringing a taste of all the creativity, history, and talent of Spanish artists to the American public.

This program is organized by the Embassy of Spain’s Cultural Office in Washington, D.C. and its network of General Consulates and Cervantes Institutes in the United States together with the Spain-USA Foundation. The Spanish-American cultural cooperation aims to create multiple links between the creative sectors of both countries and promote modern Spain’s fertile spectrum of contemporary artistic expression.

All cultural and artistic activities that the Spanish government promotes and supports in the U.S., with special attention to Americas Hispanic community, strive to emphasize a plurality of expression and opinion, in line with Spain’s own diversity in language, creativity in the arts and unique cultural heritage.

For general enquiries about the SPAIN arts & culture program, you may contact us at [email protected].

Washington, D.C.

Cultural Office at the Embassy of Spain

  • María Molina: Cultural Counselor
  • Cristina Ruiz: Cultural Projects Officer
  • Ernesto Coro: Cultural Coordinator
  • Marta Pita: Cultural Coordinator

Spain-USA Foundation

  • Berta Corredor: Press Coordinator


Cervantes Institute in Albuquerque

  • Anastasio Sánchez Zamorano: Executive Director
  • Milly Castañeda-Ledwith: Cultural Events Coordinator


Consulate General of Spain in Boston

  • Julio Núñez Montesinos: Consul

Observatorio de la lengua española y las culturas hispánicas en los Estados Unidos


Consulate General of Spain in Chicago

  • Carmen Fontes Muñoz: Consul

Instituto Cervantes Chicago

  • Antonio Martínez Luciano: Director


Consulate General of Spain in Houston

  • Enric Panés Calpe: Consul

Los Angeles

Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles

  • Javier Vallaure: Consul


Consulate General of Spain in Miami

  • Cándido Creis Estrada: Consul

Centro Cultural de España in Miami

  • Francisco Tardio: Director
  • Mayte de la Torre: Project Manager
  • Verónica Cuesta: Communication

New York City

Consulate General of Spain in New York

  • Juan José Herrera de la Muela: Consul for Cultural Affairs

Instituto Cervantes New York

  • Ignacio Olmos: Director

Puerto Rico

Consulate General of Spain in Puerto Rico

  • Tomás Rodríguez Pantoja: Consul
  • Belén García: Cultural Coordinator

San Francisco

Consulate General of Spain in San Francisco

  • Diego Muñiz Lovelace: Consul