#This Is Not A Music Break

Pan de pájaro

Carlos Ramírez and Isabel Martín


Pan de pájaro is a jota by Carlos Ramírez and Isabel Martín, the duo also known as Milo ke Mandarini, with the collaboration of Japanese percussionist Takashi Tajima and video creator David G. Ferreiro.


Cristina Pato

Bagpiper and writer

Galician bagpiper and writer Cristina Pato joins pianist, composer and UCLA professor Arturo O’Farrill for this unique improvisation of Carla Bley’s iconic Útviklingssang, recorded at Sharp Shifter Lab in Brooklyn during the pandemic. Both “New Yorkers” came into the studio with the idea of having a musical conversation, but when Arturo began playing Carla Bley’s composition on the piano, Cristina decided to join him creating this rendition of Útviklingssang.

Guajira y lágrima

Duo del Mar


Spanish guitarists Duo del Mar (Marta Robles and Ekaterina Záytseva), Portuguese guitarist Marta Pereira and Belgian dancer Nelle Hens created this hymn of longing for nature during the 2020 lockdown, captivating images of nature in their respective hometowns through dialog between guitar music and dance.

Sol e Sombra


Music producer and composer
Sol e Sombra unites Spanish producer and composer Bronquio –one of the new sensations of electronic music in Spain– with the renowned alternative Portuguese band The Gift. This artistic collaboration is marked by the contrast between the light pop of The Gift and the personal obscurity of Bronquio’s electronic music.

Particle Matter

Itziar Barrio

Visual artist

Itziar Barrio, ex-fellow of the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome, created this audiovisual work in collaboration with composer and sound designer Seth Cluett. A materialist investigation into matter and multitudinous manifestations of the micro, Particle Matter approaches its subject in a rhizomatic fashion, utilizing the dialectical language of the montage to explore the forces catalyzing and created by the movements of the fragmented and microscopic, the pieces left over. Particle Matter is best experienced with headphones.

Carceleras. Barbián: Zarzuela-Kabarett

Rodrigo Cuevas


Carceleras. Barbián: Zarzuela-Kabarett –directed by Fernando Carmena and performed by Rodrigo Cuevas from his farm in Piloña (Asturias, Spain), with musicians Frank Merfort and Richard Veenstra from Berlin– is a contemporary reinterpretation of Carceleras, a piece originally composed by Ruperto Chapí in 1885 for the zarzuela entitled El país del abanico.