The Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID) and the Spanish Embassies in Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, New York, Tokyo and Washington, D.C. present #ThisIsNotAMusicBreak, a series of multidisciplinary music videos published every 15 days, created from collaborations between Spanish artists and artists from each of these countries.

#ThisIsNotAMusicBreak is part of the VENTANA – A Window to Spanish Culture program, which aims to foster collaboration between Spanish artists and cultural institutions with their international counterparts.

Carceleras. Barbián: Zarzuela-Kabarett

Rodrigo Cuevas


Carceleras. Barbián: Zarzuela-Kabarett –directed by Fernando Carmena and performed by Rodrigo Cuevas from his farm in Piloña (Asturias, Spain), with musicians Frank Merfort and Richard Veenstra from Berlin– is a contemporary reinterpretation of Carceleras, a piece originally composed by Ruperto Chapí in 1885 for the zarzuela entitled El país del abanico.

Particle Matter by Itziar Barrio

Itziar Barrio

Visual artist

Itziar Barrio, ex-fellow of the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome, created this audiovisual work in collaboration with composer and sound designer Seth Cluett. A materialist investigation into matter and multitudinous manifestations of the micro, Particle Matter approaches its subject in a rhizomatic fashion, utilizing the dialectical language of the montage to explore the forces catalyzing and created by the movements of the fragmented and microscopic, the pieces left over. Particle Matter is best experienced with headphones.