Zero Hunger Mural by Lula Goce

  • Urban Culture
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Fri, May 20, 2022 —
    Wed, Dec 31, 2025
Zero Hunger Mural by Lula Goce

The non-profit organization Street Art for Mankind (SAM) presents a street mural painted by Spanish artist Lula Goce as part of its “Zero Hunger Murals” initiative.

Curated by SAM and created by Spanish artist Lula Goce, the mural is coming up on the “Mystery Silo” D.C. landmark thanks to a partnership with DDOT, the owner of the building. The mural features an empowered African-American women farmer and entrepreneur, working to provide for her family and community by giving them access to quality produce. The mural aims to become a symbol of women leadership, and their role in the fight for food justice in the USA and around the world for years to come.

The mural will also be viewable on the free SAM app, Behind the Wall, to learn more about the art, educate on hunger, and enable all viewers to act. Mayor Muriel Bowser, President of Mount Vernon Triangle CID Kenyattah Robinson, and representatives of the Department of State, will be present at the presentation.

About the artist

Lula Goce was born in Galicia, Spain. She grew up influenced by the salty coastal air, barnacles, drizzle and the beautiful beaches this region of Spain is famous for. At 20 she moved away to Salamanca and graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in painting. She proceeded to take part in competitions and scholarships with an emphasis on ephemeral sculptures as well as paintings, both in public spaces, museums and galleries. During this period she discovered the thrill of transplanting her work from the gallery environment onto walls, bringing a fresh perspective to a structured graffiti scene, leaving iconic pieces in the streets and abandoned buildings.

About SAM

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization working with prominent street artists to create large murals all around the world. Its goal is to raise awareness on social justice and environmental issues, and to give the public the means to become actors of change. SAM is recognized for its mural series with the United Nations (ILO, UN Women, UNEP, WFP, UN75, UNESCO, FAO), but also for its Art Walk Murals with Cities across the world to bond communities together. SAM co-founders, Audrey and Thibault Decker, are French-American.

About the Zero Hunger murals series

Street Art for Mankind has been joining forces with the World Food Program USA (WFPUSA) supporting the mission of the United Nations World Food Programme and Kellogg, to create a series of murals around the United States dedicated to “Zero Hunger” (SDG2). The #ZeroHungerMurals raise awareness and mobilize action to combat worldwide food insecurity and, in the U.S., food injustice that disproportionately impacts African-Americans communities. 4 huge murals have been created so far in the heart of New Orleans, Houston, Oakland, and Detroit by prominent street artists. They were inaugurated with key dignitaries including Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Mayor Sylvester Turner, Mayor Libby Shaaf, Mayor Latoya Cantell and received great press coverage such as CBS, KRON4, ABC13, Free Press, Fox2. The 5th one is in Washington, D.C.


Venue map

Mystery Silo, 0560 0027, Washington, DC 20001



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Presented by Street Art for Mankind.



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