The present and the future of Spanish language teaching

  • Sketching the future
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Fri, February 21, 2020
  • 6:30 pm
The present and the future of Spanish language teaching

Co-editors Javier Muñoz-Basols, Elisa Gironzetti and Manel Lacorte present the most comprehensive volume on the teaching of Spanish published to date: “The Routledge Handbook of Spanish Language Teaching.”

The Routledge Handbook of Spanish Language Teaching: metodologías, contextos y recursos para la enseñanza del español L2 provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art account of the main methodologies, contexts and resources in Spanish Language Teaching (SLT), a field that has experienced significant growth world-wide in recent decades and has consolidated as an autonomous discipline within Applied Linguistics.

Written entirely in Spanish, the volume is the first handbook on Spanish Language Teaching to connect theories on language teaching with methodological and practical aspects from an international perspective. It brings together the most recent research and offers a broad, multifaceted view of the discipline.

This book contributes to enriching the field by being an essential reference work and study material for specialists, researchers, language practitioners, and current and future educators. It will be equally useful for people interested in curriculum design and graduate students willing to acquire a complete and up-to-date view of the field with immediate applicability to the teaching of the language.

About Elisa Gironzetti

Elisa Gironzetti is Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics at the University of Maryland, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish language and culture and Hispanic applied linguistics, and coordinates the undergraduate Spanish language program. Her research and publications focus on Spanish as a second/heritage language, second language pedagogy, conversational humor, pragmatics, and multimodality. She is the editor of E-JournALL and associate editor of the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching.

About Manel Lacorte

Manel Lacorte is Associate Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics, director of Spanish Undergraduate Studies, and director of the MA in Hispanic Applied Linguistics at the University of Maryland. His research and publications focus on second language (L2) pedagogy and teacher education; classroom interaction and context(s); applied linguistics; and sociopolitical issues in L2 and heritage language teaching and learning. He is a co-editor of the Routledge Spanish Language Handbooks (Routledge), and an associate editor of the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching.

About Javier Muñoz-Basols

Javier Muñoz-Basols is Senior Instructor and Coordinator of Spanish at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. His research interests include Spanish language, Hispanic and applied linguistics, translation studies, and cultural studies. He is the coauthor of Introducción a la lingüística hispánica actual: teoría y práctica (2017), Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Spanish Language Teaching, and President of the Asociación para la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera (ASELE).

This event will take place in Spanish.


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Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain, 2801 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009



Presented by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C. and the University of Maryland



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