Spain: A (Brave) New World for Women in the Arts?

  • Visual arts
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Mon, April 08, 2024
  • 6:30 pm — 8:30 pm
Spain: A (Brave) New World for Women in the Arts?

Join us for a conversation on women in the arts, featuring curator Vesela Sretenović and artists Semíramis González and Marina Vargas, discussing women’s representation in contemporary art and showcasing Vargas’ work “IntraVenus” at the “Women to Watch” exhibition at NMWA.

Join us for an exploration of the evolving landscape of women in the arts with a conversation moderated by Vesela Sretenović, academic and curator, on the occasion of the Women to Watch exhibition currently taking place at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, NMWA, Washington, D.C.

Presented by art patron, cultural mediator and Committee Leader at NMWA Sofía Barroso, this event serves as a platform to discuss the pivotal role of women in the art world. Semíramis González, curator of the Live Art Program at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, will discuss innovative initiatives fostering women’s representation in contemporary art. And Marina Vargas will present her work, IntraVenus, curated by Rosina Gómez-Baeza for the Women to Watch exhibition at NMWA. Afterwards, the speakers will be open to questions from the audience.

It is my belief, belief I share with so many other women, that feminine power relates to the ability to connect to the world around you, building communities, and finding meaning and purpose in the places we live. Feminine energy is drawn forth by a place-based orientation to everyday life and strong emotional bonds. So many of our women artists in Spain know that wisdom and intelligence -deriving in achievement- are a collective endeavour. By supporting each other women artists, curators, art critics, gallerists and academics are finally finding recognition and achieving stellar careers in Spain. Both Marina Vargas (artist) and Semíramis González (curator) are significant contributors to the international art scene, know a lot about each other and feel connected. Just one of the many examples of togetherness…

—Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Curator, Spanish Participation, Women to Watch.

Marina Vargas

Marina Vargas is a Spanish artist whose work often explores states of ambivalence, such as hanging and floating, which she uses to express complex ideas and emotions. Her work often incorporates elements of movement and the human body, reflecting her interest in the relationship between the physical and the emotional.

Vargas’ career as an artist is marked by her talent and creativity, earning her recognition and acclaim in the art world. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions and magazines, showcasing her unique approach to art and her ability to engage audiences with her thought-provoking pieces. She has earned her BFA and MFA in Visual Language from the University of Granada and is currently a member of la Logía Las Roldanas, an organization that promotes art and culture in Granada.


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Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain, 2801 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009


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