Recent Spanish Cinema in Los Angeles

Recent Spanish Cinema in Los Angeles

The 19th edition of the ‘Recent Spanish Cinema’ series will showcase the best of Spain’s rich, vibrant and vital films —on the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Since 1994, the Recent Spanish Cinema Series has been presenting the most outstanding current Spanish films. The Series is a Seventh Art showcase of Spain’s top cinema personalities, who have contributed significantly to putting “Made in Spain” productions in the vanguard of international filmmaking.

Included in this year’s lineup are The Goya Awards-nominated thriller The Body, the wittiest recent Spanish comedy A Gun in Each Hand, the youth-market Spain’s box office blockbuster Combustion, the multi-award winning mockumentary and box office sensation in Spain Carmina or Blow Up, and director Gracia Querejeta’s 15 Years and a Day, one of the finalists from The Spanish Academy’s short list of submissions to the 2014 Academy Awards.

The Body (El Cuerpo)
Los Angeles Premiere! 2012, 125 minutes. Directed by Oriol Paulo. Cast: Jose Coronado, Belen Rueda, Hugo Silva.
A heady mix of classic noir, blood-chilling horror and high suspense, The Body is a thriller following a detective (Award winner Spanish star José Coronado) who searches for a corpse (lead actress in JA Bayona The orphanage, Belen Rueda) that has gone missing from a morgue.
Los Angeles Premiere! 2013, 99 minutes. Directed by Daniel Calparsoro. Cast: Alex Gonzalez, Adriana Ugarte,Alberto Ammann.
Mikel (X-Men actor Álex González) meets Ari (Adriana Ugarte) at his engagement with girlfriend Julia (María Castro). Ari is fascinating, beautiful, passionate… and up to her neck in illegal car racing. But that’s not the only curve she introduces — when Ari’s boyfriend cooks up a plan to rob Julia’s business, Mikel has to choose between an exciting new life with Ari and his former love for Julia.
Carmina or Blow Up (Carmina o Revienta)
Los Angeles Premiere! 2012, 72 minutes. Directed by Paco León. Cast: Carmina Barrios, Maria León.
Spanish TV star and comedian Paco León makes his directorial debut with this multi-award winning mockumentary about Carmina Barrios, owner of a bar in the suburbs of Seville. From behind her kitchen table, she recounts the many robberies that have plagued her, but the focus soon turns to her dysfunctional family.
A Gun in Each Hand (Una Pistola en Cada Mano)
Los Angeles Premiere! 2012, 95 minutes. Directed by Cesc Gay. Cast: Eduardo Noriega, Jordi Molla,Ricardo Darin, Javier Camara,Luis Tosar,Eduard Fernandez,Candela Peña.
One of the wittiest recent Spanish comedies, this film takes a hilarious look at eight Spanish men entering their forties and confronting various midlife crises (one husband suspects his wife is cheating on him while another seeks reconciliation with his divorced wife). You can’t help but love these good-hearted and friendly fellows as they lay their lives bare; though there are many twists in their stories, there are also amusing flashes of familiarity to their situations.
15 Years and a Day (15 Años y un Día)
Los Angeles Premiere! 2013, 100 minutes. Directed by Gracia Querejeta. Cast: Maribel Verdu, Tito Valverde.
When Jon (newcomer Aron Piper) is expelled from school, his mother Margo (Maribel Verdu, a Goya winner for last year’s Blancanieves) sends him to the coast to live with his grandfather Max (Tito Valverde), who she hopes can instill some discipline in the troubled teen. The ex-soldier introduces Jon to a top student, but it’s not enough to keep his charge away from a dangerous local gang.

Check the Recent Spanish Cinema and the American Cinematheque websites in October for more additions to the lineup. Tickets are on sale at the box office or online.

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Organized by the Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) and EGEDA (Spanish Audiovisual Producers Rights Management Association ) in collaboration with the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles.



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