Within Reach

  • Visual arts
  • New York
  • Tue, September 01 —
    Wed, September 30, 2020
Within Reach

Created by Spanish filmmaker Laia Cabrera and French visual artist Isabelle Duverger, “Within Reach” is an interactive art installation about transformation, reconnecting with the origin, nature and our relationship to it.

Conceived as a seamless projection mapping design with full gesture responsive interactivity, Within Reach invites the audience to actively enter the heart of the piece, creating a story that unfolds across a series of immersive interactive scenarios. The installation is a sensory experience where the line is blurred between the physical and the digital world, between the real and the imaginary. Itexplores the soul of nature, its quietness and its power. The human presence is only visible at the beginning and the end as a minuscule glimpse of looking at the skies, where coffee grains and bubbles are raindrops on our dreams.

The audience can affect change, create an avatar of themselves and discover ways to interact with the installation, embody the different storylines and share the experience with each other.

About Laia Cabrera & Co

Laia Cabrera & Co is an award-winning team of film, animators and visual artists based in New York, co-founded by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger, producing a wide range of multimedia projects, from traditional and experimental filmmaking, to the use of film and video streams in live performance, multimedia theater, video-mapped projection design and site-specific installation. The company explores new ways of using the space and the visual imaginary as a tool for narrative storytelling and audience connection. Their aim is to revitalize and strengthen the intercommunication of different artistic languages. Their work in film, animation, and projection design has been commissioned and presented in Europe, the USA and Latin America.

Laia Cabrera is a Spanish visionary filmmaker and video artist based in New York and critically recognized director and multimedia creator, working in the fields of projection mapping design, video art, documentary and immersive art installations, with many projects straddling or blending elements of both fields. Ms. Cabrera is recognized for innovative interdisciplinary work which merges cinematic and digital arts, dance, music, theater and visual arts with pieces performed at leading venues, inaugurating arts festivals and installed in museums.

Isabelle Duverger is an award-winning French interdisciplinary artist born in St Germain En Laye, France. She is a graduate of Estienne School of Art in graphic communications in Paris. She also has a Masters Degree in Arts Management from the Audencia Nantes, France and ASB, Aarhus, Denmark. She is the cofounder of Laia Cabrera & Co. created in 2010. Her expertise is in animation, videography and projection mapping, working between New York and Europe.


Venue map

Coolvines Powerhouse, 350 Warren St, Jersey City, NJ 07302


Free. Within Reach is a public art installation in a private space; you can experience the installation from noon to 10 pm without having to touch anything and you can interact freely while following the social distancing guidelines

More information

Within Reach


Organized by (+ collaborators), curated by Mark Censits – Art Wall Coolvines Powerhouse, and created by Laia Cabrera and Isabelle Duverger. Interactive Design by Aniol Saurina Masó. Music by Nana Simopoulos



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