Susana Sanches Arins in New York

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  • Tue, October 31 —
    Wed, November 01, 2023
Susana Sanches Arins in New York

Spanish writer Susana Sanches Arins visits New York City to offer her view on contemporary Galician, Spanish, and universal literature, and talk about her latest translation, “And they say.”

Presentation at Hofstra University

  • On Tuesday, October 31 at 11:20 am.
  • At 246 East Library Wing (Axinn Library, Second Floor, South Campus.)
  • Free, RSVP at [email protected].

This presentation will reflect on the literary and historical representation of the authoritarian regime known as Franquismo: from the coup d’état to the subsequent years of silence, to the harshest era of repression. How that silence eliminated alternative versions to the official history, which values reconciliation and presents the so-called Transition of the 70s/80s as the most perfect outcome? How can literature serve to question that “official” history and give way to other voices and readings, to speculate whether poetic justice can compensate for historical injustice.

Presentation at Baruch College, CUNY

  • On Wednesday, November 1 at 10 am.
  • At Baruch College: 55 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010.
  • Free, RSVP.

In this conversation between Susana Sanches Arins and Carla Muñoz, president of the Baruch Polyglot and Intercultural Club, moderated by professor Victor Sierra Matute, they will speak about the writer’s work, her contribution to Galician language and literature, minority languages and their diversity, and her belonging and promotion of the Reintegrationist Movement. Her book And They Say will be a door to the ins and outs of its pages, historical memory, Spain’s past, and how the country has advanced to the present day.

About the novel

And they say is a dazzling piece of writing by contemporary Galician writer Susana Sanches Arins. Suffering is a black stormcloud on a sunny day. The trouble with remembering is it can cause damage, but it can also heal. The translator of this book, the North American professor Kathleen March, suggests that And they say (Seique in the original Galician) is its own genre and what really matters is telling (recovering) the truth. It is a story of betrayal, unspeakable cruelty, and the odd (breathless) act of compassion. It is the recuperation of the collective memory of the Spanish civil war (1936-39) and its aftermath, when fugitives were caught and bodies thrown into ditches, when it was dangerous to answer your door at night. It is an essay that records testimonies, acknowledged and anonymous, of some of the dark nights that characterize this period of Spanish history. It is poetic (if poetry can be cruel). It is also tragic, down to the repeated appearance of the chorus, which seems to reflect on, to reinforce, the central message: memory can be painful, but it is best acknowledged, so that the mourning can take place and the survivors can move on. This book, expertly collated, is a masterpiece of writing on the Spanish civil war, an essential piece in the puzzle of those years.

—Barnes & Noble

About Susana SanchesArins

Susana Sanches Sanches Arins is a Galician writer and critic born in Vilagarcía de Arousa in 1974. She has published three collections of poetry, as well as two more recent books that blur the boundaries between poetry and prose. She is one of many authors to have begun to write in what’s called “reintegrationist” Galician, which envisions modern Galician with Portuguese orthography based on the historic kinship of the two languages, and as an act of resistance against the hegemony of Spanish.

Seique (2015, loosely translated as Hearsay) has brought her work praise from readers and critics alike, and was recently expanded for a second edition. In addition, it was translated into Spanish in 2019 and selected by the association of Madrid booksellers as their book of the year, which is not only a rare recognition for an author being translated from Galician, but even more so because reintegrationist writing is largely published by a very small press that rarely gets attention, even in Galicia.


Venue map

Hofstra University and Baruch College, New York


Presented by Hofstra University and Baruch College CUNY with the support of the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, DC



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