Sixth Under the Subway Video Art Night

  • Visual arts
  • New York
  • Sat, June 25, 2016
  • 7:00 pm — 9:00 pm
Sixth Under the Subway Video Art Night

Under the Subway Video Art Night is an event organized and curated by Antonio Ortuño that is focused exclusively on Video Art with projections on street walls, art spaces, galleries, and cultural centers.

This sixth edition takes place in 4 countries / 5 cities –The Local NY (New York), Project Space Kleiner Salon (Berlin), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Kino Palais, Palais de Glace - Palacio Nacional de las Artes (Buenos Aires) and Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània (Valencia, Spain).

Video Artists 2016

  • Nicole Cohen. Crystals, 2015. New York City.
  • Enrique Yáñez. Useless for the State / inútil para el Estado. Spain.
  • Alketa Ramaj. Adam’s Apple. Vienna, Austria.
  • Celina Alvarado AKA Bombonia. Don’t you want me, babe?. New York City.
  • Svetlana Jovanovic. 12. New York City.
  • Jorge Garcia. To knife/a cuchillo. Spain.
  • Arturo Comas. Impermanencia. Spain.
  • Matti Havens. Love Song. New York City.
  • Víctor Ripoll. Eat Pray Die. Spain.
  • Juan Zamora. The sky is blue. Spain.
  • David Catá. Drowned sounds / Sonidos ahogados. Spain.
  • Marisa Benito. Artifice/artificio. Spain.
  • Tahir Ün. The Game. Turkey.
  • Sandrine Deumier. Soft Butterfly. France.
  • Víctor Royás. Jerk. Spain.
  • Ruth Somalo. Relocating One’s Own Shame / reubicando la vergüenza de uno. New York City.
  • Antonio Pasolini. How To Make Money With Video Art. Brazil.
  • Ana B & Nuno M. Pereira. The kingdom. Portugal.
  • Fermin Diez de Ulzurrun. Black money inked / Entintado de dinero negro. Spain.
  • Laurel Beckman. Big balls (triptych). USA.
  • Claudia Vives Fierro. Fuck normality. Spain.
  • Macarena Cordiviola. Reality. Argentina. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.
  • Zlatko Cosic. A Murmuration. USA.
  • José Carlos Casado. Sacrifice.v01. New York City.
  • Lorenzo Sanjuan / José Ignacio Callén . Diógenes. New York City.
  • Sara Novovitch. Beauty. My Ophelia her death. Spain.
  • Oier Gil. Town of the flag / Pueblo de la bandera. Spain. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.
  • Jep Brengaret. Panspèrmies RBR UU A A C G. Spain. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.
  • Irene Cruz & Oren Lazovski. Metamorphosen. Germany. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.
  • Jonathan Bellés & Beatriz Heredia. Sima. Spain. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.
  • Alfonso Pretelt. Masturbatory Litofone. Argentina. Selected artist by Pop Up kino.


Venue map

The Local NY, 13-2 44th Ave, Queens, NY 11101

More information

Under the Subway Video Art Night


Antonio Ortuño & Mattew Roth, The Local NY, New York. Tania Pardo, La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Irene Cruz, Ana Sanfrutos & Nati Grund, Project Space Kleiner Salon, Berlin. Alfonso Pretelt & Macarena Cordiviola, Kino Palais, Buenos Aires. Emili Payá, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Valencia.



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