Juan Perro live in New York

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  • Wed, March 05, 2014
  • 7:30 pm
Juan Perro live in New York

Juan Perro, former lead singer of Radio Futura and one of the most eminent names within Spanish rock, will be playing at Joe’s Pub this March.

Radio Futura has been acclaimed by radio stations and music publications alike as the Best Spanish Group of the 1980s, and according to a 2004 poll of broadcasters for Spanish National Radio and Radio 3, as the Best Spanish Band of the last Quarter-Century.

Since 1984, Santiago Auserón has been researching the roots of son cubano, and has produced a five-album compilation of Cuban traditional music called Semilla del Son (1991-1992). 1993 saw the debut of a new musical project for Auserón: As Juan Perro, Auserón has recorded Raíces al viento (1995) in Havana, and in 1997, La huella Sonora. In 2000, between tour segments in Mexico and the United States, he recorded Mr. Hambre, and in 2002, Cantares de vela. Together with Luis Auserón, in 2006, Auserón recorded an album of rock and soul standards: Las malas lenguas, released in 2006, spurring a tour of Spain (2005—2007).

Since 1977, Auserón’s writings on music, art and philosophy have found a constant home in the press. In 1992, he translated the book La Ciudad Infinita by Catherine François (Pre-Textos, Valencia). His writings include La imagen sonora: Notas para una lectura filosófica de la nueva música popular (Episteme, Valencia, 1998); Canciones de Radio Futura (Pre-Textos, Valencia, 1999), and an article entitled Notas sobre Raíces al viento, published in the book Las culturas del rock.

Auserón was awarded the Premio Nacional de Músicas Actuales in 2011 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture. This award for contemporary music prized his great versatility, his continuous research in the field of music and the poetic quality of his lyrics.

Río Negro, Juan Perro’s fifth album, has been praised as one of his best recordings. Auserón is about to present two new projects: Casa en el aire (acoustic duo with Joan Vinyals) and Juan Perro & Zarabanda, a thrusting show which will gather ten renowned musicians on stage.

Listen to Juan Perro’s Reina Zulú.


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Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003


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Juan Perro (Santiago Auserón)


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