Live Source presents 'Bohemian Lights'

  • Performing arts
  • New York
  • Sat, January 11 —
    Sun, January 12, 2014
Live Source presents 'Bohemian Lights'

Through a groundbreaking integration of film with live theatre, ‘Bohemian Lights’ unravels a dark whirlwind satire of political Spain and her starving artists.

Set in 1975 Madrid, Bohemian Lights chronicles the last night poet Max Estrella’s life, as he wanders through a city mired in corruption and political unrest.

This production represents the world premiere of a new adaptation of Ramón Valle-Inclán’s masterwork Luces de Bohemia, the English-language U.S. premiere, and only the second ever U.S. production in any capacity.

Bohemian Lights

  • After Ramón Valle-Inclán’s Luces de Bohemia. Adapted by Live Source with Fernando Gonzalez. With Andrew Bridges, Kate DaRocha, Lori Felipe-Barkin, Jose Mercado, Kevin Michael Murphy & Dylan Wittrock.
  • Director: Tyler Mercer. Choreographer: José Rivera Jr.  Produced by Live Source.
  • Set: Alan Brincks and Tyler Mercer Costumes: Michelle Persoff. Lights: Joanna Emmott. Sound: Shawn Durbin. Additional Music: Neil Quillen. Video: Mark Costello. Dramaturgy: Fernando Gonzalez. Production Stage Manager: Alan Brincks. Film Cinematography: David Baloche. Additional Video: Quinlan Orear. Production Assistants: Adriane Moreno & Molly Tellekson.

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Pregones Theater, 571 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451

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Live Source


Film funding made possible by The Puffin Foundation. Bohemian Lights On Stage developed with support from Pregones Theater. Presented in partnership with Spain Culture New York - Consulate General of Spain. 



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