Alex's Strip at the 2020 Winter Film Awards International Film Festival

  • Film
  • New York
  • Sat, February 29, 2020
  • 9:15 pm —11:45 pm
Alex's Strip at the 2020 Winter Film Awards International Film Festival

This Spanish drama directed by Irene Zoe Alameda tackles terrorism, global commerce, and the struggles of citizens of the world who belong everywhere and nowhere.

Alex’s Strip

  • Directed by Irene Zoe Alameda, 2019, Spain / India / United States. Watch trailer.
  • Starring Fernando Gil (Alex), Amit Shukla (PK), Rocío Yanguas (Alexandra) and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón (Vera).
  • Post-screening Q&A Session with the filmmakers at 11:45 pm.

Alexandra, a 12-year-old teenager is reunited with her father, Alex, a Spanish merchant who has spent a long time in jail after being wrongly accused of terrorism. She accompanies him on a business trip to India, where an explosion threatens to separate them again when Alex is again accused of terrorism. Only the girl might be able to save her father.

About the Director

Irene Zoe Alameda is a Spanish film director, fiction writer, screenwriter, music composer and producer, founder and CEO of Storylines Projects since 2008. She also directed the shorts Tarde de homenaje, Buen viaje, Uniformadas, Jaisalmer, Migraciones de Gloria Gervitz, and Reber’s Backstage, as well as several commercials. She holds a PhD from Columbia University and is the best selling author of seven books.

About Winter Film Awards International Film Festival

The 9th annual Winter Film Awards International Film Festival runs February 20–29, featuring 79 films of all genres together with free discussion panels and workshops. The festival presents 11 animated films, 6 documentaries, 10 feature narratives, 11 horror films, 11 music videos, 22 narrative shorts and 7 web series, including filmmakers from 27 different countries. This non-profit organization celebrates the outstanding work of emerging filmmakers in all genres from around the world, with a special emphasis on highlighting underrepresented and marginalized artists. The event features a total of 45% of the films created by women and 53% created by or about people of color.


Venue map

Cinema Village, 22 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003


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