Step Out of Line

  • Visual arts
  • Miami
  • Sat, June 17 —
    Thu, August 17, 2023
Step Out of Line

This exhibition, featuring the works of Spanish artists Irene Grau and Carlos Maciá, aims to ignite discussions about social tensions and conflicts prevalent today.

Step out of line is a group exhibition curated by Gregorio Cámara. The exhibition challenges visitors to critically reflect on the current context of self-censorship and the extremism of political correctness.

The participating artists share a common approach of challenging traditional criteria of form, placing conceptual discourse at the forefront. By intertwining form and concept, they strive to represent a position free from the moral constraints of censorship. Through their innovative practices, they navigate the complexities of addressing themes freely, employing subterfuge to step out of line. The exhibition’s title encompasses the loss of constraints associated with formalism and the rebellious mindset required to challenge censorship.

Dubner and Maciá incorporate light, architecture and the artist’s body as vessels for such memory, infusing materials with its essence through their interaction. In contrast, within Blanco-Uribe and Grau’s artworks, the memory of materials reveals references to architectural spaces and territorial landscapes, respectively. These layers of interpretation transcend mere formal analysis, placing these four creators in an intersection where form and discourse mutually nourish one another.

Step out of line invites viewers to immerse themselves in the artists’ creations and engage in meaningful conversations about the limitations of self-expression and the need for open dialogue in contemporary society.

Participating artists

  • Irene Grau (Spain)
  • Carlos Maciá (Spain)
  • Gustavo Blanco-Uribe (Venezuela)
  • Bruno Dubner (Argentina)


Venue map

Dot Fiftyone Gallery, 7275 NE 4th Ave #101, Miami, FL 33138



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Dot Fiftyone Gallery


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