Anatomy of a Myth by Susana Guerrero

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  • Miami
  • Thu, January 12 —
    Wed, March 01, 2017
Anatomy of a Myth by Susana Guerrero

Contemporary artist Susana Guerrero longs to achieve a mythopia that brings together a genealogy of the materials, an anthropology of the experience and the splitting of her own identity, always guided by the murmur of a dream.

Through her inventions, Susana Guerrero is set upon taking up themes of mythology and utopia (mythopia), bringing together a genealogy of the materials, an anthropology of human experience, guided by the murmur of a dream. She allows a perceptual interpretation of a different kind.

Many of Guerrero’s artworks evoke a contemporary mythology that puts on the same plane the visible physical reality, the substance of dreams and the subconscious, the hidden reality.

There’s a kind of reformulation of ancient mythologies, constituting personal thoughts of the sacred through mythical stories, traditions and legends, superstitions and intuitive revelations. In the process of making the artwork, Guerrero reveals a binding ritual. The choice of every material, the configuration of every shape, of every element, brings a poetic meaning and symbolism to her artwork.

Indications of imaginary blood and path through veins and arteries, active heart, organs out of place yet connected to a life system. Guerrero may posit a relatively fractured or whole woman, or a person in different bodily states. As she makes the crisply graphic work, more figurative forms are mixed with unspecifiable shapes or abstracted forms in parts of her composition.

Her most vivid construction would be derived from a varying “mythopia.” The result is formed with features that may be confrontational or bacchanal. Parts of it may be supposed to urge identification or resist it. In this case, the filling of the space often places a situation akin to a breaking out, a way of purifying the spirit and getting to new ideas.

Opening reception on January 12th at 7 pm.


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Centro Cultural Español de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1490 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132



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