A Myriad of Voices

  • Visual arts
  • Miami
  • Thu, June 08 —
    Fri, July 28, 2017
A Myriad of Voices

The exhibition showcases a small sample of the work done by former Revelation PHotoEspaña award winners.

The Revelation Award, one of the most influential awards granted annually by PHotoEspaña, Madrid’s international photography and visual arts festival, recognizes Spanish photographers under 35 for outstanding work the previous year. Since its inception in 1998, this award has contributed to the development of the chosen artists, many of whom have gone on to build successful careers achieving worldwide recognition.

A Myriad of Voices presents works of David Jiménez, Isabel Flores, Paco Gómez, Lucía Arjona, the NOPHOTO group, Germán Gómez, Carlos Sanva, Carlos Irijalba and Aleix Placement.

A shared feature of the selected photographs is the author’s intent to go beyond the work itself, expanding the vision and spectrum of the “merely photographic.” The artists work in series, sometimes dedicating several years to one project. Although some photographers focus on capturing reality while others base themselves in fiction, each one helps us to reflect on the issues that affect our world today, such as: landscape manipulation, the degradation of the urban environment, the representation of territory, gender problems, memory, and identity.

Likewise we find that many of these authors tend to work on interdisciplinary themes. Some, such as Isabel Flores and Germán Gómez, explore several techniques and mediums while others utilize images in movement, actions and performances as in the case of Carlos Irijalba. The body of work presented in this exhibition reflects the incredible richness, diversity and creativity in modern photography.

A Myriad of Voices is curated by Oliva María Rubio, artistic director of the Contemporary Art Center La Fábrica, which organizes the competition.


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Centro Cultural Espanol de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1490 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132



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CCE Miami


Presented by Centro Cultural Espanol de Cooperación Iberoamericana (CCE Miami) in collaboration with SPAIN arts & culture



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