Houston Spanish & Flamenco Festival

  • Performing arts
  • Houston
  • Wed, May 22 —
    Sat, May 25, 2013
Houston Spanish & Flamenco Festival

During four days, the Houston Spanish & Flamenco Festival (HSFF) presents the veritable essence of Spanish and Flamenco arts masterfully rendered by professional artists and instructors.

A celebration of art, education and culture builds on the success of the first festival in 2011, upholding its mission to provide access to Spanish and Flamenco arts through educational opportunities, cultural exchange and vibrant performances.

In fulfilling its mission, the HSFF offers variety each year in an all-star lineup of featured artists and instructors. This year, the HSFF proudly presents internationally acclaimed dancer La Tania.

La Tania is the genuine article, an artist who combines exceptional physical allure, immense authority and the gift for the spontaneous gesture that distinguishes the finest flamenco specialists

San Francisco Examiner

Joining La Tania will be Jesús Montoya from Sevilla, Spain. Born to one of the oldest Gypsy families, Jesús was steeped in flamenco purity and power since childhood. Kina Mendez was born into the Mendez clan of Gypsy artists of Jerez de la Frontera where she began singing under the influence of her aunt, legendary singer La Paquera de Jerez. Acclaimed classical and flamenco guitarist Roberto Aguilar, joins La Tania Baile Flamenco in the culminating performance, Esencia, on May 25th, 2013 at 7:30 pm at the Proscenium Theater.

HSFF Directors and performing artists Irma La Paloma and Jeremías García will be joined by the artists of Solero Flamenco, Solangel “Lali” Calix, Edith Nino and Chris Howard in matinée children’s performances and will offer instruction in the festival workshops. Back this year to share his expert teachings of a lifetime of dance is the renowned Maestro Timo Lozano, “King of Bulerías.”

The innovative program Flamenco for Kids and Teens continues to expand and promote self-confidence, participation and discipline through the arts. This year, 620 students and educators from K-12th grade and various independent school districts have been invited to attend two gratuitous interactive performances where they will enjoy an introduction to the arts of Spain with emphasis on the Andalusian art of Flamenco. The 2013 celebration will include evening workshops, open studio time for practice and an introductory dance class for children.

La Tania Baile Flamenco in Esencia

  • 2013 culminating performance
  • With Jesus Montoya, Kina Mendez and guitarist Roberto Aguilar.
  • On May 25, 2013 at 7:30 pm. Buy tickets for this performance.

After three decades on stages around the world in eclectic performances ranging in style from traditional to modern, La Tania returns to traditional flamenco in an intimate setting, focusing on the art form’s fundamental elements. The deep and passionate cante (singing), the cry of the evocative guitar, and the solo dancer moved by spontaneous emotion will pay homage to the essence of flamenco.

La Tania will perform a series of solos with varying moods, ranging from the deep soleares to the lively and vibrant alegrías using a white shawl and bata de cola. Solo guitar and cante (song) will be the evening’s highlight as well to complete the program.


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The Proscenium Theater, Marie Spence Flickinger Fine Arts Center, San Jacinto College South Campus, 13735 Beamer Road, Houston, TX 77089


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Presented by the Houston Spanish & Flamenco Festival (HSFF) in collaboration with Solero Flamenco, San Jacinto College South and the Consulate General of Spain in Houston. Photo: La Tania, by Christine Fu.



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