Villa y Corte, The Music of Goya

  • Music
  • Dallas
  • Fri, February 13 —
    Sat, February 14, 2015
  • 7:30 pm
Villa y Corte, The Music of Goya

A vocal showcase of operatic style and dance with guests artists from Madrid and Mexico City.

No less than today’s Broadway Musical Theater, Madrid’s two public theaters —Teatro de la Cruz (the Cross) and Principe (the Prince)— were a dazzling source of light entertainment for the citizens of the teaming 18th-century capital. The tonadilla, that started as an entremes between acts of straight plays, was a vocal showpiece for the most important stars of the day. In fact they were so popular that they took on a life of their own, as you will hear in our production.

With our own Jendi Tarde, Patrick Gnage, and Anna Frederika Popova, the return to our stage of Mexico’s Eugenia Ramirez, and the introduction of tenor Sergio Cepeda, the stage will explode with the tuneful, danced music of downtown Madrid, staged, danced and costumed by a remarkable Spanish production team.

We’ll contrast the tonadilla with the symphonic works of Boccherini and Brunetti, the courtly music in demand at the music salon of the Palace at Aranjuez. All in all, a surprising look at Madrid’s role in early Classicism. You will not be wrong when you hear shades of Mozart, nor Rossini! These entertainments are as engaging today as they were in the 1780s when they were so popular.

About the Orchestra of New Spain

The Orchestra of New Spain is made up of more than 40 instrumentalists and singers specialised in performing early Spanish and Spanish-American music. Its main repertoire is taken from manuscripts found in royal court, public or cathedral archives in Spain, where the musical director has published and the orchestra has performed more than 100 small known works. Ever year it produces seven repertoires which it performs at approximately 25 concerts. The orchestra also offers its audience theatre, educational and tourist activities in order to enrich the fascinating experience of a little known aspect of Spanish musical culture.


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Dallas City Performance Hall, 2520 Flora St, Dallas, TX 75201


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Organized by the Orchestra of New Spain.



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