Rosana's U.S Tour in Dallas

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  • Sat, April 18, 2015
Rosana's U.S Tour in Dallas

The Latin Grammy Best Singer-Songwriter nominee is back to the U.S presenting her album 8 Lunas.

Rosana revolutionized the Spanish music market in the late 90s. With a first album in which she hardly showed her face and her guitar, she literally ate the market with a handful of intimate songs, with messages and melodies direct to the senses. That year 1996, Lunas rotas became the strongest entry of a new artist in the music sales ranking in Spain, with El talismán as a symbol. It was the beginning of a career with 7 albums released across nearly 30 countries, selling more than 10 million copies. Not to mention the more than 1000 concerts over these years around Europe, America and Asia, what she values the most. Rosana’s global success in important markets such as Japan is however as unkown as herself.

It was time to look back and go again through the same path that took her 17 years to travel, but with a different air. And even better, accompanied by friends. In 8 Lunas, artists such as Rubén Blades or Andrés Cepeda, from Rosana’s second market (Latin America), have put their voices to these new arrangements, and also national artists such as Dani Martín and Fito; and an English flag, too: Alex Hepburn, a promising young artist from London who will give a lot to talk about. “I couldn’t have imagined a better way for my songs to travel the air,” Rosana states. “I know I could have performed with singers I am passionate about, good friends, but if they aren’t in the album, it is because I didn’t have the song for them. If any of these collaborators hadn’t been available, these songs wouldn’t have been included. They performed the whole song and I adapted my voice later. And in almost all the cases they introduce the songs. I cannot then say these are usual duets, the union is just an excuse. I can say I have been a good hostess, can’t I?,” she admits, laughing.

In 8 Lunas, Rosana encompasses the classics of her career (some of them very well known singles, others have gained importance over the years). She has blown the dust off these songs, surrounding the lyrics with majestic melodies and an electric sound. As she states, “the purpose was to improve the songs without losing the original esence, selecting only those that made a difference.” You are about to discover this album through Rosana’s eyes.


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Jarro Kafe, 13331 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

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