Flamenco Passion by Compañía Flamenca Eduardo Guerrero

  • Music
  • Chicago
  • Sun, October 21, 2018
  • 2:00 pm
Flamenco Passion by Compañía Flamenca Eduardo Guerrero

Compañía Flamenca Eduardo Guerrero brings a group of live musicians and elite dancers from Spain to perform a unique mix of classic and contemporary Spanish dance.

Eduardo Guerrero is known for combining the preciseness of classic technique with a contemporary aesthetic, transcending traditional technical limits. Guerrero began dancing when he was just six years old at Carmen Guerrero’s School, and studied Spanish Dance at the conservatory of music of Cádiz. In 2002, he started to work with major artists on the national scene who valued Guerrero physical ability, flawless technique, and evident quality.

He has toured all over the world performing at some of the most prestigious theaters and dance festivals. In 2011, he was awarded first prize by the Professional Conservatories for a choreography he created, called Mayo. Since then, Guerrero has established a solo career creating his own performances and this past January was named one of the “25 to Watch” by Dance Magazine.


The 90-minute program will feature a variety of styles and dances that correspond with particular musical forms of Flamenco:

  • Buleria: A bustling and lively dance.
  • Caña: Historically considered as the most important forms of flamenco, this dance is filled with virtuosity and speed that includes bullfighting movements.
  • Alegrias: A colorful and festive dance, where the dancers display their dresses with trains and shawls.
  • Zambra: This Flemish dance of the Gypsies of Granada and Almeria became typical of the Gypsy wedding ceremonies.
  • Tanguillos: A burlesque character impacts the movements that denote joy, creating a festive and lively atmosphere.
  • Tientos: This pas de deux by Eduardo Guerrero is the most romantic part of the show.
  • Farruca: One of the most recent Flamenco styles. Very colorful and dramatic.
  • Guajira: Women dancers clad in dresses with trains and accessorized with the handheld fans are featured in a sensual dance of a mellow and nostalgic character.
  • Seguirilla: This is one of the oldest Flamenco styles marked by a slow, deep solemn, ceremonious, expressive style.
  • Solea por Bulerías: A colorful dance where each member of the company has a solo moment to captivate the public.
  • Fin de Fiesta: The final work of the show resembling the end of a Flamenco celebration.


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Belushi Performance Hall, McAninch Arts Center, 425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


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McAninch Arts Center


Presented by the McAninch Arts Center and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. Photo by Beatrix Mexi Molnar



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