Step Forward / joining Minds at Burning Man 2018

  • Urban Culture
  • Black Rock Desert, NV
  • Sun, August 26 —
    Mon, September 03, 2018
Step Forward / joining Minds at Burning Man 2018

The Spanish street theater group Carros de Foc presents “Step Forward / Joining Minds” at the 2018 edition of the Burning Man Festival.

After presenting their female giant Euterpe at last year’s Burning Man, street theater group Carros de Foc is making its second appearance at the Festival with Step Forward / Joining Minds, bringing Euterpe and her grandfather Alberto together. The two giant puppets, 20 feet tall and fully articulated, meet around their huge table. Euterpe, an example of self-acceptance, and her grandfather Alberto, who shares interesting experiences and accumulated knowledge, will interact with visitors encouraging them to discover and express themselves freely.

Carros de Foc (Charriors of Fire) is a company founded by Miguel Ángel Martín Bordera, son of a renowned fallero artist in Alicante. From the beginning, the company has evolved away from tradition and created a new concept in urban street theatre, creating its own unique signature by the use of giant mobile marionettes. Chariots Of Fire aims to immerse the spectator in a magical world enhanced with image, sound and light effects.


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Presented by Carros de Foc. Photo: Euterpe at Burning Man 2017, by Sergi Palau



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