Torcuart's Roundtable III: Federico García Lorca

  • Music
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Sat, June 11, 2022
  • 7:00 pm —10:00 pm
Torcuart's Roundtable III: Federico García Lorca

Federico García Lorca will be the central figure of TorcuArt’s third roundtable, with experts and artists discussing his influence on Flamenco.

In their third Round Table, experts and artists invited by the TorcuArt Flamenco Association will discuss the mutual influence between the art of Flamenco and Federico Garcia Lorca, one of the most famous poets of the Spanish Generation of 27.

The roundtable will count with the presence of some scholars such as Dr. Ana Gómez-Pérez and Yoel Castillo Botello. At the end of the discussion, the audience will enjoy a performance of RÓMEZ3arts; founding Artistic Director and Pianist Carlos César Rodríguez, Co-Director and Tenor Peter Joshua Burroughs, and Mezzo-Soprano Anamer Castrello come together to play a set of traditional Spanish songs collected and recorded by Lorca.

About the participants

Dr. Ana Gómez-Pérez teaches at Loyola University Maryland, where she is Associate Professor of Spanish. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. She has published a book and several articles on Spanish narrative of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is currently studying Rosa Chacel, a member of the Generation of 27, and has just finished a second book dedicated to her most important novel, La sinrazón (1960).

Yoel Castillo Botello holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies from Georgetown University. Professor Botello’s recent research projects focus on early modern reading networks and the rise of Castilian as an imperial language. He has particularly studied the Flamenco of Granada, influenced by Lorca, culminating his research with an outstanding honor thesis on Carmen Amaya, Flamenco, and gender.


Venue map

Saint Luke Catholic Church, 7001 Georgetown Pike, McLean, VA 22101



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