Meeting Bowls in Arlington

  • Urban Culture
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Mon, July 17 —
    Mon, October 23, 2017
Meeting Bowls in Arlington

Spanish artist collective mmmm… presents the Meeting Bowls, social places for getting to know people and fostering dialog in small groups.

From July 17 to November 1, the Spanish artist collective mmmm… will install the Meeting Bowls at 14th Street N. & North Courthouse Road in Arlington’s Courthouse neighborhood, in collaboration with Arlington Arts.

Temporary and playful urban furniture, the Meeting Bowls are large objects shaped like bowls with seating to accommodate eight people, designed to promote interaction by having those seated inside face one another. Meeting Bowls are social places for gathering, getting to know people and fostering dialog in small groups. In 2011, during the time that the Meeting Bowls were in Times Square, 20,000,000 pedestrians saw them, and tens of thousands took photographs.

This project is part of Courthouse 2.0: Reimagining the Civic, a public art initiative aimed at sparking public conversation about the future Courthouse Square by exploring the interaction between civic space and civic life in Arlington in the twenty-first century.

On September 23 at 11 am, mmmm… members Eva Salmerón and Emilio Alarcon will present the project in an artist talk hosted by Arlington Arts. After Arlington, the Bowls will be moved to Miami Design District during the prestigious international Art Basel in Miami Beach show in Florida.

About mmmm…

mmmm… is a collaboration by Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez and Eva Salmerón, who have been creating projects for public space since 1998. Based in Madrid, Spain, recent projects include: a life-size car built of brick in a public parking space; organizing 100 couples kissing simultaneously in the city center; and music performed by an orchestra in scattered locations so that the music would be experienced differently by pedestrians depending on which instrument they encounter and when.

In 2014, mmmm… created a permanent public art project in Baltimore consisting of three large sculptures that form the letters BUS. The size, shape, and function of BUS, make this unique bus stop a reference sculpture for the city of Baltimore where BUS has become an iconic urban meeting point.

About Arlington Arts

Arlington Arts, the presenting arm of Arlington Cultural Affairs Division, is charged with fostering a creative environment that encourages collaboration, innovation and community participation.


Venue map

Verizon Plaza, 1310 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201



More information

Meeting Bowls by mmmm…


Presented by mmm... with the support of Arlington Arts and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)



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