District Coalition Park Party 2024

  • Music
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Sat, June 15, 2024
  • 5:00 pm — 9:00 pm
District Coalition Park Party 2024

The first edition of District Coalition’s Park Party will feature food, drinks and seven live artists, including Spanish musicians Marina Alba and DJ Pamplo.

District Coalition Park Party will feature an afternoon of musical fusion, food and drinks at Swampoodle Terrace park in NoMa. The event will kick off and close with the sets of Pamplo, a Spain-born DJ known for his open-format style and ability to blend various electronic genres. Following Pamplo’s opening set, the stage will be taken over by a collaboration between Marina Alba, José L. López “El Marqués”, DJ Annya, and Miguelito. This blend of classical, flamenco, jazz, and electronic music will showcase the versatility and depth of these genres.

As the evening progresses, the party will transition into a lively fusion of cumbia, soul, and hip hop, featuring the combined talents of Brooklyn-based DJ Kerim, Carly Harvey, and Cumbia Heights.


  • Marina Alba, a Spanish violinist, blends her cultural heritage with jazz and classical music. She has received numerous awards and scholarships and performed at various international venues.
  • José L. López, known as “El Marqués,” is a flamenco cellist and composer who has revolutionized the incorporation of the cello in this genre. His creations highlight the versatility and depth of flamenco music.
  • DJ Annya, a Colombian-born artist, merges indigenous rhythms with electronic music. With a background in Washington DC’s club scene, she is recognized for seamlessly combining tribal cadences with contemporary sounds.
  • Miguelito, a classically trained guitarist, joined the DC flamenco scene in 1991. He has performed with local dancers and singers at various venues like clubs, restaurants, theaters, and festivals.
  • Kerim, a DJ from Brooklyn, is heavily influenced by his background as a percussionist.
  • Carly Harvey, known as “DC’s Queen of the Blues,” blends Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Indigenous American styles in her performances.
  • Cumbia Heights is a modern cumbia group formed by immigrants who met in DC. They represent the diverse regions of Latin America, from Tierra del Fuego to the northern border of Mexico.

District Coalition

District Coalition is a music festival where attendees can explore new cultural experiences in a relaxed and vibrant setting. It offers a chance to discover unique music blends, socialize, and savor food and drinks at various venues in DC.


Venue map

Swampoodle Terrace, 1100 3rd St NE, Washington, DC 20002


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District Coalition


Presented by District Coalition. Photo: Marina Alba.



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