Ciné-Concert: The Early Animation of Segundo de Chomón

Ciné-Concert: The Early Animation of Segundo de Chomón

A special program featuring Le Spectre Rouge (1907), La Guerra e il Sogno di Momi (1917), and Lulù (1923) with new scores composed and performed by Virginia Guastella.

Segundo de Chomón (1871–1929), the brilliant Spanish trickster and filmmaker, is frequently compared to his French contemporary Georges Méliès. (In fact, the two men worked together briefly in Paris while Chomón was producing films for Pathé Frères.) Chomón’s fantastic narratives are filled with animation and special effects, surprising twists, and tricks of the eye that amaze and amuse.

Le Spectre Rouge

  • 1907, 9 minutes.
  • A demonic magician attempts to perform his act in a strange grotto, but is confronted by a Good Spirit who opposes him.

La Guerra e il Sogno di Momi

  • 1917, 37 minutes.
  • A young boy, after reading letters from the front, dreams of a war fought by puppets and of saving his father, whom he finds has returned upon waking.


  • 1923, 8 minutes.
  • A monkey with magical powers, with the help of a policeman, fights a burglar who enters its home.
  • Film
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Sun, September 04, 2016
  • 3:30 pm


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East Building Auditorium, National Gallery of Art, 6th & Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20565



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Presented by National Gallery of Art and the Italian Cultural Institute.