An Evening With Buika

  • Music
  • Seattle
  • Sun, December 08, 2013
  • 7:30 pm
An Evening With Buika

A creative survivor, a poet, a composer and a music producer, Buika combines all the styles along with her emotionally charged lyrics and such broken sensuality in her voice.

Concha Buika, born on the island of Mallorca to African immigrant parents from Equatorial Guinea, has become a true revelation to those who thought flamenco had little left to contribute to Spanish music, and to jazz.

Her evident African roots and her cosmopolitanism, developed in clubs in Spain and Americanized during a strange detour to Las Vegas as a Tina Turner impersonator, explain Buika’s rare self-possession. But nothing can quite explain her ability to connect —one of those rare and wonderful “one-listen” artists.

In 2010, an article by Alice Winkler of NPR listed Buika among the best 50 vocalists. The article defined her as “The voice of freedom.”

The arrival of Buika’s ninth album —La noche más larga— in 2013 is taking her to a new stage of her career. An era defined by her different creative processes which include her second book of poems —To those who loved hardcore women and left them— and producing her first movie based on a tale from her book —From solitude to hell.

Trying to speculate where Buika’s professional career will lead her is a mystery because there is no script when it comes to Buika. Her new music will taste like the old in their musical notes, their timing, streaming. Clearly, Buika is here to stay.

Buy tickets online. Doors open at 5:30 pm. View the Mi Niña Lola music video.


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Presented by KCRW. Photo: © Buika, La noche más larga 07 by Javi Rojo.



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