Quijotes por el mundo

  • Literature
  • San Juan, PR
  • Thu, March 10 —
    Fri, June 10, 2016
Quijotes por el mundo

The exhibition is traveling to San Juan in Puerto Rico to mark the VII Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española.

Quijotes por el mundo shows the rich holdings of the Instituto Cervantes’ network of libraries and, at the same time, pays tribute to the hundreds of translators of Cervantes’s work who, over a period of 400 years, have made it possible to disseminate Cervantes and his texts worldwide. Don Quixote, as is often repeated, is the most widely translated work after the Bible.

The adventures it tells and the “Quixotesque” values contained within continue to be translated to this day. What new translations will be completed as this exhibition opens? Only time will tell. Now is the time to enjoy and be amazed at the richness and the linguistic variety of Don Quixote throughout its 400 years of history and success.


Venue map

Museo de San Juan, 150 Norzagaray St. San Juan PR 00901

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Museo de San Juan


Organised by Instituto Cervantes, with the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). Curator: José Manuel Lucía Megías. Movie poster from Don Quixote of Mancha, Dinamarca: Lau Lauritzen, 1922, © Palladium Films.



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