Isaac Albéniz & The Guitar by José Luis Martínez

  • Music
  • San Juan, PR
  • Fri, June 16, 2023
  • 7:00 pm
Isaac Albéniz & The Guitar by José Luis Martínez

Spanish guitarist José Luis Martínez presents a concert with some of Albéniz’s most representative works that best adapt aesthetically, technically, and emotionally to the guitar.

“This is precisely how I had conceived it!” This is the phrase that Isaac Albéniz uttered when listening to his friend and famous guitarist Francisco Tárrega play a transcription of
his Serenade (Granada).

Despite not having written a single note for the guitar, Albéniz often composes with this instrument in mind, which he only played to accompany himself to popular songs and which he relates to popular music and particularly to Flamenco, which inspired him so much. In his works, there are passages that emulate the strumming of the guitar and there are musical phrases that completely change their expression by opening new timbre possibilities, vibrato, pizzicatos, bells, and other guitar peculiarities.

His works have adhered to the guitar since their first original editions for piano. In addition to Tárrega, other guitarists such as Miguel Llobet, Ángel Barrios, Quintín Esquembre, or Andrés Segovia himself made transcriptions of many of his works during Albéniz’s lifetime with the approval of the Maestro. The recordings and publications for guitar of his pieces are endless and are integrated into all the study plans of all the conservatories.


  • Granada (Serenata), 1886
  • Malagueña, 1890
  • Asturias (Leyenda), 1892
  • Rumores de la Caleta (Malagueña), 1887
  • Mallorca (Barcarola), 1890
  • Torre Bermeja (Serenata), 1888
  • Sevilla (Sevillanas), 1886

About José Luis Martínez Moreno

José Luis Martínez Moreno is a Spanish guitarist based in Puerto Rico. Since his first concert as a soloist at the age of 15, he has been performing around the world. He has been invited to the Guitar Foundation of America, Festival Guitarras del Mundo in Argentina, Festival Andrés Segovia, among others.

Various of his productions –like Bata de Cola, Triangulo Manriqueño, Sonatas del 27 and Cambio de Aires– have been performed around the world.

He is inspired and influenced by Spanish Renaissance music, even playing the viuela early in his career. A great admirer of the Baroque period and J.S. Bach, which has led him to deep music research, Classical Music remains the basis for most of his work, even if it includes rhythms of the world.


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Casa de España, 9 Av. de la Constitución, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico




Presented by Casa de España in Puerto Rico.



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