Francisco de Pajaro and Drap-Art Project at the Three Rivers Arts Festival

  • Urban Culture
  • Pittsburgh
  • Fri, June 02 —
    Sun, June 11, 2017
Francisco de Pajaro and Drap-Art Project at the Three Rivers Arts Festival

Three Rivers Arts Festival presents a Recycle Art Exhibition by Spanish Drap-Art Project and 9 installations by Spanish street artist Francisco de Pajaro around Downtown Pittsburgh.

Founded in 1960 by the Women’s Committee of the Carnegie Museum of Art, Three Rivers Arts Festival is a celebration of the arts in downtown Pittsburgh unlike any other in the nation. Among its world-class, multi-disciplinary performing and visual arts attractions, the 2017 Edition will host a Recycle Art Exhibition by Spanish Drap-Art Project at the Trust Arts Education Center. Additionally, the Spanish street artist Francisco de Pájaro will be working on installations around Downtown Pittsburgh.


Drap-Art is an association of artists who use trash as their material and/or conceptual resource.
The artists connected to Drap-Art try to recover the utopia of a society with small economic units made up of artists and craftspeople. But on a planet full of debris, they must also take advantage of all these obsolete resources.

With this pholosophy in mind, Drap-Art promotes the work of 150 artists at its festival in Barcelona every year and in many international venues. In Uruguay and Argentina, Drap-Art has established head quarters and is organizing a local version of its festival annually.

Francisco de Pájaro

Spanish street artist Francisco de Pajaro is keen to show modern art isn’t all a load of trash. The artist uses old mattresses, boxes and bin bags to create his bright, playful creations, all marked with the tag “Art is Trash.”

By making art out of items we throw onto the streets, de Pajaro aims to critique a society that’s always looking for perfection. “The beauty is there but there are also ugly things that are part of our environment,” he says. While de Pajaro’s work has been well received, his chosen medium means installations normally last just a few days before they are taken by waste collectors or destroyed by members of the public.


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Trust Arts Education Center, 805 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222



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Three Rivers Arts Festival


Presented by Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership with the support of SPAIN arts & culture



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