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  • Thu, April 29, 2021
  • 7:00 pm (EST)

“REFLECTOR” presents a live set by TUTU and Masha Mar highlighting the connections between Spanish and American electronic scenes.

REFLECTOR is a series of electronic music that aims at building bridges between Spanish and American musicians. Each of the three chapters presents a double music session by a DJ from Spain and another from the United States. Both of them run a show on Dublab radio, a station based in Los Angeles and Barcelona that has become a benchmark of electronic music on both sides of the ocean. Each chapter explores a specific area of the local panorama, highlighting the reflections between both scenes and the value of the universal language of electronic music.

In this first episode we present the proposal of, a global independent community of women and gender minorities of the music industry: from record labels, artist management companies, and booking agencies, through to technology platforms, creative agencies, composers, artists and more.

At Dublab, is the voice of the international network that promotes an ecosystem of collaboration, inclusion and diversity. Mixes, conversations and live interviews with the aim of showcasing the most interesting and current projects in the industry as well as supporting the work of female talent in Barcelona and Los Angeles.

About TUTU

TUTU represents SheSaid.So Spain in this first edition of REFLECTOR. She is one of the exponents of the electronic and underground scene in Barcelona. She has played on stages from Sónar to Tresor. Her style is unique and her sessions are a journey between sounds from bass house to the most underground dance, always from an experimental perspective.

About Masha Mar

Serbian-born, Los Angeles-based DJ MASHA is a resident DJ and co-founder of Dig Deeper, Surround and Dusk Campout. Always digging deeper, she finds a way to surprise listeners with quality music for open minded people.

About Dublad

Dublab is a non-profit radio station based in Los Angeles and created in 1999, which broadcasts wide-spectrum music from around the world. In 2015 was founded with the aim of promoting local culture and giving it projection. Dublab broadcasts hundreds of radio programs hosted by some of the most talented DJs worldwide. The radio airwaves allow space for diverse styles, eras, genres and music cultures to co-exist.

Now Dublab’s programming has expanded to include the production of original art exhibits, films, events record releases and educational programs related to health, youth, development, education and creative processes.

From April to June a new chapter of REFLECTOR will be presented each month with a live session by a Spanish DJ and an American DJ.


Free. Watch it live on April 29


Presented by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C., in collaboration with Dublab. Photo: TUTU, BCN, by Sílvia Poch



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