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  • Thu, June 24, 2021
  • 7:00 pm (EST)

“REFLECTOR #3” presents alternative proposals that are emerging in both Barcelona and LA local scenes with a live double set by Shelly + nara is neus and Koreatown Oddity.

REFLECTOR is a series of electronic music that aims at building bridges between Spanish and American musicians. Each of the three chapters presents a double music session by DJs from Spain and another from the United States. Both of the sessions are played by DJs who run a show on Dublab radio, a station based in Los Angeles and Barcelona that has become a benchmark of electronic music on both sides of the ocean. Each chapter explores a specific area of the local panorama, highlighting the reflections between both scenes and the value of the universal language of electronic music.

REFLECTOR #3 wants to give voice to alternative proposals that are emerging in both Barcelona (El Pumarejo) and Los Angeles (Chapter 1) local scenes. These two cities are known internationally for being hubs for creativity. This third chapter aims to present DIY projects that are at the forefront of the musical underground scene.

About El Pumarejo w/ Shelly + nara is neus

El Pumarejo is a non-profit association based in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat whose mission is the incubation of emerging cultural movements, offering creators a space to develop at an artistic and professional level, promoting the revaluation of the arts, fair trade in culture and fostering the projection and mobility of projects.

Nara is neus will present material from her next LP; Shelly will join in a joint improvisation to end up closing solo, performing the more ambient side of her, away from her usual club sounds.

About Chapter One w/ Koreatown Oddity

Launched by Rolando Alvarez and Eddie Vela, Chapter One is a cultural hub based in dowtown LA’s Art District that offers an appointment-only record shop, private events, live streams, and curated happenings.

The Koreatown Oddity is a Los Angeles MC/producer specializing in Raw Hip Hop Shit. He is also a humorist, screenwriter, and self-described “overall visionary.” He began releasing his music strictly on cassette, including collaborations with Ras G (as 5 Chuckles) and Mndsgn (as Vivians). His debut on Stones Throw was Finna Be Past Tense (2017).

About Dublad

Dublab is a non-profit radio station based in Los Angeles and created in 1999, which broadcasts wide-spectrum music from around the world. In 2015 was founded with the aim of promoting local culture and giving it projection. Dublab broadcasts hundreds of radio programs hosted by some of the most talented DJs worldwide. The radio airwaves allow space for diverse styles, eras, genres and music cultures to co-exist.

Now Dublab’s programming has expanded to include the production of original art exhibits, films, events record releases and educational programs related to health, youth, development, education and creative processes.

From April to June, a new chapter of REFLECTOR will be presented each month with a live session by a Spanish DJ and an American DJ.



Presented by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington, D.C., in collaboration with Dublab. Photo: nara is neus, courtesy of the artist



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