Getting through time like a single ray of light

  • Visual arts
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  • Thu, March 25 —
    Mon, May 31, 2021
Getting through time like a single ray of light

CCEMiami invites you to the 3D Virtual Exhibition “Getting through time like a single ray of light” by Tomás Valdivieso.

CCEMiami invites us to discover the work of the multidisciplinary artist Tomás Valdivieso with the online 3D exhibition Getting through time like a single ray of light. From this pictorial proposal, the artist shows himself as a “pro-feminist man,” explaining how feminism is for him an opportunity for change and liberation for all.

Precisely, taking the International Women’s Day and the Women’s Month as a reference, Valdivieso explores gender and violence issues from a non-binary perspective. The Chilean, Spain-based artist investigates the psychological complex built by the heteropatriarchy, deeply rooted in popular culture and language that builds exclusion, vital exile, or loss of reference.

Through the collage technique he questions feminism itself and society as a whole, proposing answers related to traditional gender stereotypes and binary behavior patterns imposed by a system of values indebted to religious moral. Each work is made up of a sum of images that, according to their arrangement, color and texture, invite viewers to immerse themselves in a universe full of recognizable symbols and reconstruct a contemporary reality in which we are immersed today. The view showcases a group of characters, wrapped in symbolism, that proposes to undertake a redemptive and reparative journey towards an “ideal universe.”



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Centro Cultural Español Miami


Presented by the Cultural Center of Spain in Miami (CCEMiami). Image by Tomás Valdivieso



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