The others: Anthology of artificial women by Teresa Lopez-Pellisa

  • Literature
  • New York
  • Fri, October 28, 2016
  • 7:00 pm — 9:15 pm
The others: Anthology of artificial women by Teresa Lopez-Pellisa

The book will be presented by the author in conversation with Naief Yehya, Mar Gómez Glez, Claudia Salazar, Yoss and Marcelo Cohen.

In this anthology, “the others” are artificial women, created from silicon, plastic, biotechnology, surgery… Women that are actually dolls, virtual beings. All of them represent a big part of females images of the XXI century in fantasy and science fiction.

The book is divided into three main tags that classify the women inside it depending in the raw material that they are made of: virtual women, biotech women, or women and robotic dolls.
Writers from Spain and Latin America have participated in the anthology, trying to cover the biggest number of countries, traditions and generations, searching for all the mentioned women that made and still make part in our history.

About Teresa Lopez-Pellisa

Teresa Lopez-Pellisa is Ph.D. in Humanities (Department of Literature), Carlos III University of Madrid. She is a part of the Group of Gender Studies in Cultural Industries and Arts (InGenArte) of the CSIC, a member of the Editorial Board of Pasavento, Journal of Hispanic Studies and editor in chief of Brumal, Journal of Research on the fantastic. Her research focus on science fiction literature and its relations with virtual reality, cyberculture literature, theater and new technologies and cyberfeminism.


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Organized in collaboration with the General Consulate of Spain



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