Spatial Fluidity by Isabelita

  • Visual arts
  • New York
  • Sat, April 01 —
    Fri, April 21, 2017
Spatial Fluidity by Isabelita

A celebration of three-dimensionality in all its forms, “Spatial Fluidity” interrogates how a piece of art should exist in the world.

This exhibition brings together a wide range of mixed-media work, ranging from pieces that are subtly textured to canvases that forcefully protrude and recede into so-called “real” space.

There are collages that intermingle newspaper clippings and photographs, or defy expectations by coating everything in a reflective glaze. There are also single-media paintings that emphasize the physical aspects of their material, such as the plastic quality of acrylic. Much of the art is abstract, so that the viewer may focus on broader visual sensations rather than put together three-dimensionality with a representational narrative.

Featured artists: Isabelita, Pedro Alberti, Annika Carlsson, Erin Cooke, Sheree Friedman, GIDJA, Ian A. Matthews, Nello Petrucci and Birsen Yurdaer.

About Isabelita

Spanish artist Isabelita eschews the confrontational and aggressive style of many modern art pieces in favor of paintings that are beautiful, harmonious, and perfectly balanced. She calls her unique style of abstract painting “cosmogony,” because the first piece she created was “like an explosion of music coming out of my heart.” Although not figurative, each piece is representative of the genesis of life and origin of the cosmos. She also experiments with natural textures and pigments, such as sand, dirt, leaves, moss, tea, and seeds, allowing her colors to interact “as if they were living organisms.”

Isabelita was born in Seville and studied at Christie’s of London. She currently lives and works in Madrid.

Reception on Thursday April 6, from 6 pm to 8 pm.


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Agora Gallery, 530 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001


Free. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 6 pm

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