Paz Aymerich and Conchi Álvarez at Art New York 2018

Paz Aymerich and Conchi Álvarez at Art New York 2018

Spanish artists Paz Aymerich and Conchi Álvarez participate in Art New York 2018 with STOA Gallery.

Art Miami presents Art New York each May providing a fresh alternative for acquiring important, never-before exhibited works from both primary and secondary markets. The fair welcomes both experienced and new art collectors who are looking to experience a carefully-curated, rich-in-content presentation of the best in the global contemporary art market.

About Paz Aymerich

Paz Aymerich’s academic training is in Fine Arts and Interior Design. She previously worked as interior designer before focusing on painting. The urban landscape is the protagonist of her work. She was born in Madrid and lives and works there. She is currently working on a series about the disappearance of the small buildings in the big cities, engulfed by the skyscrapers. The growth of cities in recent times, and the disappearance of neighborhood life –in which neighbors know each other and talk to each other– has led to isolation, selfishness and loss of quality of life. Aymerich’s paintings denounce the disappearance of small buildings that see how the big ones invade their space, projecting their long shadow over them.

About Conchi Álvarez

Conchi Álvarez’s academic and professional training is in Ancient History and Archaeology. She worked as an Art History Professor until she decided to enter the artist world. She has made numerous solo exhibitions, and has also exhibited in many international art fairs such as Art New York (USA), Scope Miami (USA), Scope Basel (Switzerland), LA Art Show (USA), KIAF (Seoul, South Korea), Art on paper New York (USA), Art Marbella (Spain) and Art Zurich (Switzerland).

About STOA Gallery

STOA gallery, opened in 2006 and is located in the Marina of Estepona, Spain. It is is actively involved in the cultural life of the area, collaborating in the urban art in the city with three murals by artists from the gallery on a route of murals. The gallery presents four to five exhibitions a year, most of them focused on emerging and more established artists. STOA represents artists from Mexico, the U.K., Switzerland, France and Spain. STOA also published art books, the majority of them catalogs of exhibitions.

  • Visual arts
  • New York
  • Thu, May 03 —
    Fri, April 06, 2018


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Pier 94, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019


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