Free screening of 'Animals'

  • Film
  • New York
  • Tue, October 29, 2013
  • 7:00 pm
Free screening of 'Animals'

One-time, free screening of Marçal Fores’ unconventional coming-of-age tale, ‘Animals.’ Hosted by the director, it will take place at New York’s Cinema Village.

An unconventional coming-of-age tale, Animals is an intoxicating blend of fantasy and cold reality. Seventeen-year-old high-schooler Pol has stubbornly extended his childhood, aided in no small measure by his opinionated, drums-playing, English-speaking pet teddy bear, Deerhoof. But when he meets alluring new student Icari, the safety of Pol’s innocent imagination crumbles as he experiences his first pangs of love and sexual longing. But what will happen to Deerhoof in this new world and can Pol accept his new-found feelings?

Co-starring Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock) as his perceptive teacher, this fresh, inventive take on first love is funny, often bizarre and tragically intense.

Spain, 2013, 94 minutes. Directed by Marçal Forés.Screenwriters: Marçal Forés, Enric Pardo, Aintza Serra. Cast: Oriol Pla, Augustus Prew, Dimitri Leonidas, Roser Tapias, Javier Beltrán, Martin Freeman. Producers: Sergi Casamitjana, Lita Roig, Aintza Serra.
In Catalan with English subtitles. View trailer.

Free Screening. Space is limited: First-come, first-served. RSVP. Animals comes to DVD and VOD on November 12, 2013 from Artsploitation Films.


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Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003

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Organized by Artsploitation Films.



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