Feminine Space

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  • Wed, March 02 —
    Wed, March 23, 2016
Feminine Space

A film series at Instituto Cervantes New York focusing on the presence of women in Spanish film industry.

Feminine space is one of the major themes of Instituto Cervantes’ program. It presents diverse spaces of creation and meditation, as well as artistic and social production that are found within the female culture. Within this framework and through the eyes of Spanish directors, a film series explores the political and social reality faced by women from diverse countries and cultures.

This program aims to present –from the documentary makers’ point of view– a small sample of the problems afflicting women. Faithful to the visual processes of the television documentary, but respectful of the cultures where these stories take place, the four documentaries that make up this cycle give voice to the group of women they present. They are a sample of unjust situations, but also and at last, they are occurrences of the trust found in the ways that human beings, and in this case women, take hold of the future by trying to improve the present.

The idea behind such a series was to partake in tales that speak of a promising future, when the past was terrible and unjust. The political stand of improving the lives of these women, of transmitting a different awareness, one that is creative and full of expectations regarding the future, compels us to come closer to these worlds and to think of them in a different way.


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Instituto Cervantes New York, 211 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017


Free and open to the public

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Instituto Cervantes New York


Organized by Instituto Cervantes New York with the collaboration of the Festival Ellas Crean. Image: film still from Todos están muertos.



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