Estrada. Sailing through Design

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  • New York
  • Wed, July 17 —
    Fri, October 11, 2013
Estrada. Sailing through Design

Featuring the notebooks and visual journals that graphic designer Manuel Estrada uses to record the perceptions, ideas and images that inspire his work.

The source of creative impulse is a mystery. Ideas may come from anywhere, anything, any time, any place sometimes unexpected.

—Paul Rand

One rarely sees Manuel Estrada without his trusty little notebook in which he jots down words, doodles images, and cuts and pastes various different materials. After all, the creative act is something fleeting that needs to be captured in flight.

Curated by graphic designers Sonia Díaz and Gabriel Martínez, Manuel Estrada. Where Ideas Are Born. The Juggler’s Sketchbooks is an exhibition structured around the notebooks and visual diaries that Spanish graphic designer Manuel Estrada uses to register his working process: his ideas, perceptions, first sketches and final designs.

The exhibition’s goal is to reveal not only Estrada’s specific creative process but also the steps that any design project may involve. The show takes us from first ideas to final designs, guiding us through the stages in between, where concepts and shapes change until reaching the most adequate conceptual, contextual, and formal result.

The exhibition has already been shown in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Helsinki, Berlin, Lisbon, and Miami.

Visit Manuel Estrada’s website and view his SPAINRED profile.


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AIGA National Design Center, 164 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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