Authentic Flamenco by the Royal Opera of Madrid in New York

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  • New York
  • Fri, September 09 —
    Sun, October 09, 2022
Authentic Flamenco by the Royal Opera of Madrid in New York

The Royal Opera of Madrid, Spain’s major performing arts institution, presents “Authentic Flamenco,” a traditional Spanish flamenco show from award-winning dancer and choreographer Amador Rojas.

The Teatro Real culminates the fourth season of Flamenco Real with a tour of the United States entitled Authentic Flamenco, with a program featuring established artists and young promises of this universal art, thus confirming the institution’s commitment to the promotion and protection of the Flamenco legacy, in which its three disciplines (singing, guitar playing and dancing) have equal prominence.


  • Amador Rojas (dancer)
  • Yolanda Osuna (dancer)
  • José Tomás Jiménez (guitar)
  • Manu Soto (singer)
  • Bernardo Miranda (singer)
  • Sergio de Lope (flute and saxophone)
  • Lolo Plantón (percussion)

Teatro Real

Teatro Real, (Royal Opera of Madrid), is an independently-run public foundation with significant social involvement in its governing and funding bodies, and the participation –at state, regional and local level– of the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Regional Government of Madrid and Madrid City Council. It is deemed Spain’s major institution for the musical and performing arts, and is the leading national opera house, with significant and growing global outreach. In recent years, aided by solid, professional and independent management, the Theatre has received numerous accolades, including the International Opera Award as the World’s Best Opera Company.


Venue map

St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 258 W 118th St New York 10026


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Authentic Flamenco



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