Amarist Studio at Art NY 2017

  • Visual arts
  • New York
  • Wed, May 03 —
    Sun, May 07, 2017
Amarist Studio at Art NY 2017

Spanish artists and designers Arán Lozano and Clara Campo present the Welcome installation at ART NY 2017.

Amarist Studio presents a border deconstruction in an installation to generate a debate about the meaning of border walls in our world, raising social awareness on the current refugee crisis in a society that expresses deep contradictions between globalization and cultural-economic clashes.

The Welcome exhibition in ART NY 2017 recreates a beach scenario and a supermarket hallway separated by a real razor wire wall. The supermarket holds a deconstruction of an international border in hundreds of little fragments of razor wire, packaged in plastic cases as if they were a mass product, and gold plated in 24K to represent the economic borders that in most cases separate refugees from a better future.

These fragments of border will be then transformed into fine design pieces of jewelry, changing the meaning of razor wire into a symbol of respect, tolerance and human dignity.

About Amarist Studio

Amarist is a creative studio based in Barcelona, Spain. Formed by the artists and designers Arán Lozano and Clara Campo. The studio focuses on the creation of functional pieces capable of stimulating the thoughts of the viewer through works that invite to reflect on the world around us.

All proceeds of the Welcome Installation are donated to UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


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Art New York, 55th Street and West Side Highway, Pier 94, New York, NY 10019


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