La edad ganada by Mar Gómez Glez

La edad ganada by Mar Gómez Glez

CCEMiami invites you the book presentation La Edad Ganada by Spanish playwright and novelist Mar Gómez Glez.

La edad ganada (2015) is Mar Gómez Glez’s latest book. Mercedes Suero selected it as one of the five indispensable books to close Madrid’s 2015 Book Fair. Critic Vicente Luis Mora defines it as such:

(…) brave and singular, created through a constructive and valuable device: it does not elaborate, or re elaborate, a whole life, the author stops in different vital moments (…), she chooses different milestones –identified by the age of the protagonist- and she tells a concrete anecdote from that period, leaving out the rest. (…) It questions the auto fictional model, looking for a new way to tell. The book is closer to the novel tradition than to the auto fiction. The beginning remind us to the beginning of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, what is cute something; as Joyce’s book, (…), it is going after the literary construction of an identity. (…) La edad ganada is an elegant quest to find out how to rebuild the experience through narrative. This makes the book in a serious and profound exercise, and (self) aware, with excellent moments.

About Mar Gomez Glez

Mar Gómez Glez is a Spanish novelist and playwright living and working in the United States. Her work has received global recognition, including the 2011 Calderón de la Barca Theater Award, the 2008 Arte Joven Latina Award, and the 2007 Beckett Theater Award. She is the author of the novels La Edad Ganada (2015) and Cambio de sentido (2010), the children’s book Acebedario (2006), and numerous other plays and short stories. Her plays have been performed in Spain and the U.S., including Off-Broadway, (Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie, The Duke Theater, 2011), and Off-off-Broadway (39 Defaults, TeatroStageFest, Casa Mezcal, LaMama Experimental Theater Club, 2012-2014). She holds a Ph.D. with honors from New York University and teaches at University of Southern California.

  • Literature
  • Miami
  • Fri, October 16, 2015
  • 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm


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CCEMiami, 1490 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132



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