Technarte Conference

Technarte Conference

During two days, artists and technologists from all around the world share their vision of the fusion between art, science and technology.

Just as occurred in Bilbao last April, Los Angeles is hosting the next International Conference on Art and Technology organized by Technarte. The union between art, science and technology generates new areas of exploration, such as nano-art, 3D printing, interactive installations, art & robotics, bio-art, immersive 3D development, mobile art, smart materials and hyper-augmented reality, among others. Those topics are often presented at the conference, serving as an inspiration for the artists’ future work.

Technarte Los Angeles will bring together an impressive team of twelve international artists who will explain the creative process of their work through the use of innovative technologies. Augmented reality, artifitial intelligence and bio-art are the artistic disciplines that will be most represented at this edition of Technarte.

The primary focus of Technarte is to provide a forum of discussion and reflection around the existent convergence between art and technology. This unique event is a professional way to network with artists, engineers, scientists and professionals in the areas of art, robotics, architecture, interactive design, bio-art and nano-art among other disciplines. The conference, presented annually for two days, creates an immersive environment for artists to showcase their creative process. In addition to the speeches, several workshops and coffee breaks are organized with the artists in order to promote creativity and innovation among the artist comunity, as well as serving as a meeting point for specialized companies and universities.

  • Urban Culture
  • Los Angeles
  • Thu, November 15 —
    Fri, November 16, 2018


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Downtown Independent, 251 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012


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