Messi, Loreak and Ciudad Delirio at FICG in LA

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  • Thu, August 27 —
    Sun, August 30, 2015
Messi, Loreak and Ciudad Delirio at FICG in LA

Guadalajara International Film Festival is back in LA featuring the best Mexican and Ibero-American cinema.

FICG in LA is a window into the world of contemporary Mexican and Ibero-American cinema and it is an extension of the Guadalajara International Film Festival. This year′s FICG in LA will be back at the Hollywood′s historic Egyptian Theatre, right in the heart of the worldwide film and entertainment industry. Film screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with filmmakers and talent, galas and special recognition awards to some key Latino and US Latino talent.

Spanish films at FICG in LA


  • Opening night gala and reception.
  • On Friday, August 28 at 7:30 pm.
  • Directed by Álex de la Iglesia, Spain, 2014, 93 minutes. L.A. Premiere.

What is it that makes Messi the best player in the world? The answer cannot be summed up by merely listing the value of his achievements; instead, it is necessary to delve into what it is that has made Messi such a unique soccer player, with one of the most sensational careers in the history of soccer. There is no such thing as luck. Nothing occurs by chance and everything happens because something or someone incites or provokes it to happen. There has to be an explanation for Messi.

About Alex de la Iglesia

Spanish cult-filmmaker Álex de la Iglesia began his career as a television art director and producer. In 1993, esteemed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar produced Iglesia’s debut feature, Mutant Action, winning various awards and kick-starting his career. Iglesias has directed several films since, all dealing in themes of dark comedy, extreme violence, sex, and gore. Messi is his first documentary.

Loreak (Flowers)

  • On Saturday, August 29 at 2:30 pm.
  • Directed by Jon Garaño, José Mari Goenaga, Spain, 2014, 99 minutes. L.A. Premiere.

Ane’s life turns around when bouquets of flowers start arriving at her home weekly from an anonymous sender. Lourdes and Tere also see their lives affected by these mysterious flowers. Each week, an unknown person lays a bouquet of flowers in memory of someone who was important in their lives. This is the tale of three women whose lives change by a bouquet of flowers - flowers that make each of them feel emotions they’d thought were long gone. But at the end of the day, they’re only flowers.

About Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga

The short films by Jon Garaño have won over 90 awards. Jose Mari Goenaga co-wrote and co- directed the animated feature Supertramps (2005) and the documentary feature Lucio (2007), both nominated for the Goya. Together they directed 80 Egunean (2010), screened in the Zinemira section of the San Sebastian Festival.

Ciudad Delirio

  • On Sunday, August 30 at 8 pm. Closing night.
  • Directed by Chus Gutiérrez, Colombia, 2014, 100 minutes. L.A. Premiere.

Javier, a Spanish physician, on a magical night meets Angie, a dancer and owner of a salsa dance school, who dreams to be a part of Delirio: the most famous salsa show in the World. When he returns to Madrid, Javier doesn’t feel satisfied with his life, his job or his relationship. Encouraged by his best friend, he decides to go back to the branch of heaven: Cali, to stay there for some time. As fast as the distinctive salsa movements, Javier and Angie will meet again, and will live in between two different cultures, an almost impossible romance, full of obstacles, inside a world of salsa dancers, and in a city where dancing is the goal, it is the dream, and it is life.

About Chus Gutiérrez

Chus Gutiérrez was born in Granada, but she moved to Madrid at a very young age and then moved to New York. Her first feature film as a director was Sublet (1991) a Spanish production filmed in New York, with which she was nominated to the Goya Awards in the Best Novel Director category. Her most outstanding films are Sexo oral, Insomnio (2004), Poniente (2002), ¡Hay motivo! (2005), nominated for Best Documentary Film at the Goya Awards, andReturn to Hansala (2009), also nominated for the Goya in the Best Original Screenplay category. Today, she is the director of Ciudad Delirio (2014), a film that is her passion. For Chus Gutierrez salsa in Cali is not only a dance but also a way of life.


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Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028


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