Los Nastys 2016 U.S. Tour in Dallas at IRLA Festival

  • Music
  • Dallas
  • Sat, March 12, 2016
  • 1:00 pm
Los Nastys 2016 U.S. Tour in Dallas at IRLA Festival

After touring around Spain, Portugal France and Mexico, the Spanish indie rock band Los Nastys begin their first U.S. tour in March.

Indy Rock Latin America (IRLA) is a yearly festival that takes place in Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX. This event showcases independent musicians, artists, and artisans within the Latin American community along international touring bands on their way to SXSW. Indie-Rock Latin America is full of blended genres and the love for an always-evolving Latino culture.

Los Nastys (Madrid, Spain)

Los Nastys is a raw punk, garage band from Madrid, Spain. They’ve been touring around Portugal, Mexico, Central America, and have shared the stage with their good friends: AJ Davila. Los Nastys performed big festivals such as Marvin, Ceremonia, among others.

Miss Garrison (Santiago, Chile)

Miss Garrison is an electronic post-rock band from Santiago de Chile. Their sound is a seamless fusion of crunching electric guitars and pulsing, almost breathe-like synthesizers. The band will be touring Mexico and the US on March 2016 while recording their full-length album.

MAYTA (Dallas, TX)

MAYTA is a blend of Latin American culture expressed in musical patterns.
From Mexico to Perú to all the Cosmic Race. Mayta is heavy-based on Rock n’ Roll while adding Latin groove to their music. Nominated and awarded the “Best Latin Act” of the Dallas Observer Music Awards in 2013.

Making Movies (Kansas City, MO)

Making Movies is an American band based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Built upon a heavy foundation of Afro-Latino rhythms, they have created a bilingual, psychedelic re-envisioning of the Latin American Son.


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RBC Deep Ellum, 2617 Commerce Street, Dallas TX 7522


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Presented by Indy Rock Latin America. With the support of SPAIN arts & culture.



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