The Hero’s Journey: A Lecture & An Interactive Mural Project

  • Visual arts
  • Boston
  • Fri, May 06, 2016
  • 12:00 pm — 8:30 pm
The Hero’s Journey: A Lecture & An Interactive Mural Project

This interdisciplinary art project by Rufina Santana will capture the interest of a broad audience because of its multifaceted nature, artistic quality and participative approach.

Rufina Santana is a Spanish painter with a degree in Fine Arts and Painting from Barcelona University. She lives in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), where she produces most of her work. For more than three decades, she has been showing her artwork around the world: USA, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany –becoming one of the most internationally recognized contemporary artists from Spain. She is an experienced pedagogue and a regular guest-speaker on the lecture circuit.

The Hero’s Journey is a pattern of narrative –identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)– that lies behind many of the world’s greatest stories. Narratives built on the model of the hero myth have an appeal that can be felt by everyone because they reflect universal concerns. Rufina Santana will give a lecture at Boston University on the concept of The Hero’s Journey and its impact on her artistic practice. The event will be particularly interesting for those students who are graduating and about to embark on a new adventure.

The event consists of two parts:

  • From noon to 1 pm. The concept of the Hero’s Journey: Talk by the artist, in which she will establish the context to embark you on a personal journey full of joy, inspiration, and constructive criticism.
  • From 6:30 pm to 8.30 pm. The experience: Creation of a mural by the audience –under the artist’s guidance– while being immersed in a musical atmosphere created by members of Unitas Ensemble. Anyone from any age and background is welcome to participate.


Venue map

BU College of Fine Arts, 855 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215


Free and open to the public

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BU College of Fine Arts


From the series Cervantine Stories, Quixotic Moments, Boston University College of Fine Arts and CAS Romance Studies Voces Hispánicas/Hispanic Voices, in collaboration with Santander Universities Global Division



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