Inside/Out: Daniel Doña's Compañía de Danza

  • Performing arts
  • Becket, MA
  • Fri, July 05, 2019
  • 6:15 pm
Inside/Out: Daniel Doña's Compañía de Danza

Daniel Doña Compañía de Danza performs “Nada Personal,” a dramatic musical trio that combines Flamenco and contemporary dance.

This event has been canceled.

Madrid-based artist Daniel Doña is at the forefront of a generation of dancers finding their own choreographic and interpretative voice through Flamenco and Spanish dance.

Since 2004, Daniel Doña Compañía de Danza has combined the traditions and new trends of Spanish dance. As a choreographer and Artistic Director, Doña’s work has been performed at renowned festivals worldwide.

Nada Personal is a multidisciplinary meeting between three artists reflecting on how to construct or destroy our identity through other people’s perspectives. A place revitalizing their identities turns at time diverse, plural, even racial, between tradition and the avant-garde. Doña has throughout his career performed in open and non-conventional spaces; the primary motivation for using the street as a stage has been to make dance accessible to the general public, create new audiences, and present a continuous dialog between the exterior space and the choreographic events.

View the teaser video for Nada Personal.


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Jacob's Pillow, 358 George Carter Rd, Becket, MA 01223



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Jacob's Pillow


Presented by Jacob's Pillow with the support from the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain. Photo by marcosGpunto



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