TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food

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  • Fri, Nov 21, 2014 —
    Sat, Jan 03, 2015
TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food

This exhibition provides a rich panorama of the most recent Spanish design as applied to cuisine, a creative taster menu of tapas from all the fields in which design plays a role in the act of eating.

Curated by Juli Capella and organized by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), TAPAS showcases imagination and talent targeting the taste buds, where design and haute cuisine go hand in hand. Spanish chefs, including D.C.’s own chef José Andrés, designers, architects, wineries and restaurants reflect the last 25 years of Spain’s avant-garde experimental blending of design and food.

The exhibition is divided in three sections: the kitchen, about preparation and utensils; the table, for objects used to sample food; and the meal, on food design. Legendary culinary icons from Spain are also featured, including the paella pan, traditional wineskins and flasks, the bota, botijo and porrón.

To complement the more than two hundred objects on display, TAPAS includes a large collection of wine bottles which stand out for their bold and appealing labels, and audiovisual presentations featuring a selection of interior design in Spanish restaurants and a selection of wineries from across Spain which stand out for the quality of their architecture, including works by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid and Rafael Moneo.

A festival of shapes and materials in the most diverse styles, nourished from a rich store of ingenuity, experimentation and sensuality, TAPAS reflects Spain’s ability to incorporate design and creativity as characteristic values of cuisine and gastronomy.

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  • On Thursday, December 4, 2014, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Domenici Education Center. $5 donations are encouraged. Register.
  • On Saturday, December 6, 2014, from 10:30am to 12:00 pm at Domenici Education Center. Free with registration.

Public opening on November 21st from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Education Building, in conjunction with VAIVEN. Six visual journeys back and forth between Spain and the U.S. Free and open to the public.


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National Hispanic Cultural Center, 1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102


Open Monday-Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

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National Hispanic Cultural Center


Organized by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) in collaboration with SPAIN arts & culture and the National Hispanic Cultural Center.



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