Festival Flamenco 28

  • Performing arts
  • Albuquerque
  • Sun, June 07 —
    Sat, June 13, 2015
Festival Flamenco 28

The most daring, innovative, and electrifying flamenco artists will grace the city of Albuquerque for 7 days and nights of thrilling flamenco concerts and workshops.

Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque brings world-class artists to Albuquerque for a week of explosive performances at Rodey Theatre at the University of New Mexico, and the Albuquerque Journal Theatre at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

A Dos

  • Antonio Canales y Compañía & Adela Campallo.
  • On June 8 at 8 pm.

A DOS is a direct and profound expression of the relations between people. It is about the dialogue between two spirits through the baile and the voice, through the percussion’s heartbeat and the guitarra’s piercing melody…through silence. It is a secret. It is love. It is pain. It is confusion. It is being lost so one can be found.

—Antonio Canales

El Baúl de los Flamencos

  • Concha Jareño y Compañía.
  • On June 9 at 8 pm.

The show begins with incessant rattle of textile machinery, which reminds us of the industrial revolution that in the 1850s came to stay, and updated worn-put fabrics permitting greater agility of movement in dance. This sound merges with pre-Flamenco music, which becomes diluted in the industrial automatism remaining in the substrata of a new music, which would become flamenco.

Cante Concert

  • Juana la del Pipa.
  • On June 9 at 9:30 pm.

Juana la del Pipa is a self-taught gitana singer (cantaora) from Jerez and as such inherently represents the unique cante that has famed the small town of Andalucía. Born Juana Fernández de los Reyes in 1948 as the youngest daughter to Tía Juana la del Pipa, in Jerez de la Frontera, La del Pipa has been acclaimed by many national and international festivals including La tierra lleva el compás, Cantando la pena, la pena se olvida directed by Calixto Sánchez, Flamenco, esa forma de vivir, Pasión Gitana, Aire y Compás directed by Manuel Morao and La cumbre flamenca.


  • José Maya y Compañía.
  • On June 10 at 8 pm.

Latente is an original journey that takes us through the profundities of a bailaor’s soul as José Maya follows the fountain of his instinct in a quest of discovery. An ancestral sprit guides the artist in his search for his most intimate and profound roots. Maya invites us to share this internal journey with him and reach the final destination of freedom.

Cante Concert

  • David “El Galli”.
  • On June 10 at 9:30 pm.

Born in 1978, David Sánchez “El Galli” is a cantaor originally from Barcelona. Although Sánchez was born in Barcelona, at the age of 10, he returned to his family’s hometown of Morón de la Frontera. His artistic career started in the tablaos: El Cordobes, Los Gallos and the Arenal. He has accompanied great flamenco dancers such as Juan de Juan, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Andrés Marín, Rafael de Carmen, Jairo Barrull, El Junco, Alejandro Granados, Pepe Torres, Oscar de los Reyes, Javier Barón, Manuela Carrasco, Juana Amaya, Cristina Hoyos, Pastora Galván, Adela Campallo, Fuensanta la Moneta, Rocío Molina, Belen Maya, Mercedes Ruiz, and Winy Amaya amongst others.

As part of this year’s Festival Flamenco Internacional de Albuquerque, “El Galli” will be presenting a cante concert on Wednesday, June 10th at 9:30 pm following José Maya’s Latente.


  • Pastora Galván y Compañía.
  • On June 11 at 8 pm.

A mirror of seven prisms transits the multifaceted miradas of the great bailaora and artist Pastora Galván. Brimming with sentiment and emotion, &dentidades is a meticulous and profound masterpiece, demanding and elaborate as the spooling of an exquisite lace. Through the prisms of the mirror she can be seen fading in and out of the different forms of a dancer- the forms of seven flamenco masters who have influenced and become part of her baile. The distinct styles of Matilde Coral, Manuela Carrasco, Milagros Mengíbar, Loli Flores, Carmen Ledesma, Eugenia de los Reyes and her father, José Galván, have all woven been woven in Pastora’s expression and interpretation of Flamenco.

Cante Concert

  • José Valencia.
  • On June 11 at 9:30 pm.

Gitano cantaor José Antonio Valencia Vargas comes from the city of Lebrija, Spain, known for its deep flamenco roots and connection to Jérez de la Frontera. Collaborating with Enrique El Extremeño, Jose Valencia has become become a preferred singer for some of the biggest dancing companies throughout Spain. He has shared the stage with artists such as Manuela Carrasco, Farruquito, Antonio Canales, and La Compañia Andaluza de Danza. Valencia has also shared the stage with the legendary flamenco singers Camaron de la Isla and El Lebrijano.


Venue map

Rodey Theatre at the University of New Mexico, and the Albuquerque Journal Theatre at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque


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Organized by New Mexico True and the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs.



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